When a child I was turned on to an encyclopedia called Arthur Mee’s and every day looked inside to learn a saying that took my fancy.

One of the most compelling was “Only great doth seem to be to little minds”. Dozens of others accompanied me through life. Now the world has changed and o have the ways of children. Now we have “chips” telephone mobiles, television, and a thousand and one other communication devices… and now we have web pages and blogs.

So knowing nothing about blogs or the technical words involved I opened this blog… and after-wards asked myself why. Most blogs seem highly egocentric and I wanted to avoid that.

Then I remembered an old phrase that my grandmother often used. It was “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and I suddenly knew how  the blog might be useful.

As a biologist and psychologist I realize that the world is in a mess and suddenly realized that the blog could be the apple a day.

A page where people could consult freely about their problems… Yet I doubt that so as well I write about Nature and the Dharma

So here we are with “a Dharma a Day keeps Mara away”

What is Dharma… One part is the knowledge about all that is natural, perceived with an open and free mind, divorced from cognitive intellect

Who is Mara?  Mara is personified ignorance and is aided and abetted by his thre daughters Confusion, Greed and Aversion.

So welcome to A Dharma a Day (more or less)

This page is about the application of Buddha Dharma and the Great Dao within daily life in an attempt to bring Dharma light to all who wish to see beyond intellect.

The principal focus is upon the human creatures stained mind that is destroying the environment of the planet, developing  education which is globalized and aimed at Identity success, destroying animal life without the leat understanding and finally reinforcing confusion, greed and aversion,  generating within religions a compassion and benevolence which is mundane and not centered upon what is natural and in accord with Dao.


One Response to “A DHARMA A DAY – MORE OR LESS”

  1. cristobal Says:

    I find it a very interesting way of learning dharma little by little, permeating our confused mind.

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