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This morning, awakening to the humid air of the mountains which surrounds the seminary, I heard an unusual sound, the cry it appeared was not that of our local ravens or the eagles which normally circle high above. The nightingales had not yet arrived and it was too late for the early birds.

I walked up the incline to the seminary and herd the sound now directl above.


Through the mist appeared between thirty of forty wild geese, flying directly south.  perhaps it was th mystery induced by ther appearance and dissapearance in the clouds of mist, but I was under the spell of great AWE.

What a glorious spectacle and although there was, of course, an intellectual appreciation lurking behind in my mind, it was as though I was flying with them.

When they had gone, their cry fading into the distance I reflected upon their flight.

The V formation was incredible without a starggler and I wondered about the leader in front.

It was not elected or chosen and there was no dispute. It simply led and the others followed, each taking aplace in the formation.

There were probably natural reasons why the leader assumed the role and was accepted. Then I wondered about the human creature once more

We are required to elect leaders and the only time that natural and correct selection appears is when there is war or armed conflict.

Why are we so involved with competion ?  Why has the human creature never developed a natural anarchy in which each fulfills a natural role in which there is no sense of inferiority or inferiority ?

With those thoughts I went in the Shapei house and laid down among the Sharpei upon a large matress which was theirs.

There was Nantou, who looked up to see who was intruding and then stretched out and leaned bach so that he was touching me. then he returned to his resting pose. The young ones came over and licked my hands and face as a welcome perhaps and two Ghengis and Coco rested their heads uon my legs and fell asleep.  Lucky Blue our blue sharpei pushed his way in between Nantou and myself and he too decided to close his eyes and rest placing his head upon Nantou his father who did not protest.

Gloria then came over exited, with a wagging tail and insisted in bathing my forehead with incessant licking, until I pulled my head back which led her to lay down behind me with Chocolate.

I laid my own head down and just enjoyed being with them. ther was nothing special going on, just the six sharpei at rest and in contact and I was among them. There was no sense of being owner, ruler, or dominant in any way. I just felyt again gret Awe and absorbed, although nearing the dusk of my own existence felt completely alive.

Why, oh why, do we as humans epect so much and fail to see hwat we really have all around us ?

It means “letting go” and that is not easy. It means becoming without being. It means understanding that nothing is important in this life except the glory of being alive and sensing the unity of all things.

Shan jian