For most of the Summer at the Seminary in Trragona it has been quite rainless… then in  the last four days we have been presented once again with natures gift;  rain and more glorious rain.

At the limits of our seminaty grounds,  part of the forest,that stretches to a ruined castle there is a long ago tourist abandoned project. It is a small  swimming pool, now filled with stagnant water.. Sometimes mass failures nature turns to good use, for it is the home to hundreds of small frogs, which on some nights spread thier throaty music far up the hillside to the seminary buildings.

It was a surprise yesterday to see in our discussion room, within one of the dogs bags of food, a small brown frog. When discovered, it scuttled out and dived into one of our Temple Guardian Sharpei’s water dishes.

It had leap by leap made its way, over many obstacles and dangers, up a small path filled with vegitation climbing the steep hill about a mile to encounter this spot.

What it’s motivation was who can tell, perhaps natural exploration, perhaps accident, but it was an herculian task and it made it. It’s courage was natural and it went it alone for whatever reason.

It made me consider those that are seeking liberation from this stained world in such a way that they can find the way to live within it without being choked by the mud of folly.

There are many, surely who would like to clear the webs from their eyes in order to see Dharma Light. Not many try to make the voyage. Sad to relate most of those that do make their way up the hill,  becoming tired, discouraged, tempted by life’s false dreams of a better froggy world o r for sundry foolish reasons stop and go back to their comfortable pool.

A small frog made it a mile uphill without the slightest idea what it entailed orwhere it would end up.. Then I noted that that drive to complete what it starts out is a trait of all animals, except the human creature. There is not an animal that is not domestic that  give up when the task gets difficult.

There is an old asaying  that was once used often that declared, “The tough get going when the going gets tough”. Now it is agood addage and an idea to follow, but a question arose… These sayings arise to counter the habits and follyof human creatures in normal life.

There would be no need to remind one to “get one’s act together” when there was difficulty if it was the sort of behaviour that hman creatures exhibited.

What a sad comment on the human stained mind.. The Dharma is so close to you… But you cannot even take the trouble to deliver the goods with natural patience, determination and that little frogs perseverance.

It really doesn’t take much. All you require is to move leap by little leap in the correct direction …perhaps with a little help from a dharma friend.



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