This morning,  looking out beyond the terrace to the natural forest beyond,  I note the sky. Sombre and grey it sits there still,  not yet threatening in any way. It is a contrast to the sun which for many mohths flooded down upon too dry soil and I am reminded of change.

Time, invented by our creative mind seems to pass too rapidly. How foolish we are to invent and hold it in our minds and regret its passing.

Our Sharpeis, temple dogs all, know no time and as days pass with rememberance of things long past and years, perhaps too few, to come I see the folly..

They live each day as it presents itself. Joy is in their living not in their minds.

So now I will let the sky remain as I can do nothing else and cast my mind on “now”.

Small tasks to be done, Dharma lessons to be taught and learned within Nature not from books.


Shan jian


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