A small country mouse has appeared in the seminary. Iit comes out at night and roams from room to room.

A beautiful creature it is seeking its survival in a way that is quite natural.

It brought to mind thei part of Walt Whitman’s leaves of Grass.


With what sense is it the chicken shuns the ravenous hawk?

With what sense does the tame pigeon measure out the expanse?

With what sense does the bee form cells? Have not the mouse and frog
Eyes and ears and a sense of touch? Yet are their habitations.
And their pursuits, as different as their forms and as their joys:
Ask the wild ass why he refuses burdens: and the meek camel
Why he loves man: is it because of eye ear mouth or skin
Or breathing nostrils? No for these the wolf and tyger have.
Ask the blind worm the secrets of the grave, and why her spires
Love to curl round the bones of death; and ask the rav’nous snake
Where she gets her poison: and the wing’d eagle why he loves the sun
And then tell me the thoughts of man, that have been hid of old.


What are those thoughts hidden from your Mind stained by identity


Expose them and find that you are no different than any of these and more noble in our natural  interior than what your Identity permits to emerge


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