Above the Seminary in Tarragona we are sometimes fortunate to see this magnificent bird.  Foretunately it is protected. I have seen as many as five of them circling above and on occasions they come down to the seminary and sit among the trees.  Recently I have only seen two and I am hoping that theothers have simply left for their own nesting areas.

It is the Águila-azor Perdicera (Hieraaetus fasciatus)

Now that is interesting.  Why do we bother to give it a scientific name and even a common name and then depreciate it?   I see that most who live in the area don’t even know it exists. Why is that?

When you investigate you find that people just don’t look up.

I can’t imagine a North Americn Indian never looking up. I can’t imagine an Esquimo never looking up.

Are we so chained to the phenomenon called things that we cling to and crave that we cannot look up.

What is the nature or natural function of of birds? 

It is FLYING.    We can say that FLYING IS A BIRD and thet flying brings it FREEDOM.

I am then inclined to ask “what is then the human creature”?  

What is it that brings the human creature FREEDOM?

WORKING, BUYING, SCREWING, FIGHTING .. You can find thousands of things that it is not.

The true nature of the human Creature is  Curiosity and Creativity free from Identity.

This gives every man or women the opportunity to exercise  dominion over all living things. A dominion that is not domination , but that of a wise ruler that respects and aids the great rhythm of the Diversity of life that nature provides.

Where have all the flowers gone?.. Gone to graveyards every one… Long time passing.

 Where has our freedom gone?

To graveyards… Long time passing… Isn’t it time to plant the seeds of our freedom anew.  

There are Dharna answers if you have the courage to face them.

Shan jian


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