The Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is an endangered (therefore protected) sea predator, matched only by a mammal, the orca or killer whale (Orcinus orca), The male gets up  26 feet and the females just 14 ft,

It hunts everything from other sharks, smaller fish, dolphins, squids, turtles and sea birds.

It has a very effective hunting method: if the bite does not kill , the shark lets it escape to the surface and inflicts its killing attack when the victim is already beaten.

Now I am not going to suggest that all human minds are like that of a shark, although they are far more effective than the most terrible killer shark as the leading predator inthe world.

But there is a class of human being, in which the male is most effective, that is the most efective destroyer.

It is the person that has an Aversive temperament. Strangely enough they do  love nature and in their minds there is a perfect world. The probem is that other human creatures do not fit into it very well. Therefore at a subconscious level human creatures are the fly in the perfect world ointment.

Unfortunately he can’t just take the fly out, for he loaths the human creatures ways  so much that he finds them impossible to deal with.

The problem is that this Aversive temperament is very intelligent in a worldly way, with an Identity that considers itself superior  to almost everyone. He might be prepared to exclude Jesus the Nazarine, Mahommed, Buddha , Cassius Clay and a few others he might actually accept as a partial part (never complete) model.

If his Aversion was not manifested externally it would matter not a whit, but his bite is lethal, for he finds the victims and with mental precision directs his criticism. Like the Shark we have been discussing he makes one first dynamic large verbal bite… Then he waits for the victim to come up for air.

He makes no separation between sexes and claims to be a liberal, and I suppose he is, for nobody fits into his world. He can don a number of masks and swim in various pools, but he will eventually be recognized… unfortunately because he or she is intelligent  In the world of commerce he may find a critical tower, and make everyones life miserable.

One cannot suggest meditative medicine for his ills, for he will take what he wishes and fit it into his own scheme and sees his fault as the virtue of ambition and forceful management. It is a strange thing, however, that the male attracts women, (perhaps because few womwn have that shark ike propensity to destroy ) as these hostile males  do show clear worldly logical intelligence and a mask like sensitivity that dissapears at the first bite.

The Buddhist world speaks of them as Savage Beasts, and it is really a good description. The sad thing is that if they could see themselves as they really are they could librate their Natural Intelligence that  is covered by this Aversion.

You will probably never see yourself as a Shark, but ask your friends (if you have any) or better still those you dare to bite.

Next time  Dharma world chat about the Hungry Ghosts.



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