This is Ghengis. A tough little fellow, as he was in this picture. Now he is six months old and into everything.

Sometimes one asks what is in his mind… The answer, of course, is nothing at all. He like all animals responds to what is natural without thinking about it.  His wise nature keeps him from harm…That is as it should be.

He is where we should be. As Linji declared:

“This is the realm of true reality, where you forget what is on your mind and stop searching. In a wild field, not choosing, picking up whatever comes to hand, the obvious meaning of Chan is clear inthe hundred grasses.

Indeed the green bamboo , the cluster of yellow flowers, fences, walls, tiles and pebbles use the teachings of the inanimate; rivers, birds, trees and groves expound conflict, emptiness and selflessness.”

If your  mind can reject words and concepts and reach the experiences then you will be like Ghengis. The green bamboo , the cluster of yellow flowers, fences, walls, tiles and pebbles are what they are, no more. Everything interacts and Ghengis is just one part of that whole interaction.

Why not? 

When he sees our green  bamboo he reacts naturally to that bamboo as a Sharpei must. A cluster of yellow flowers he may eat or ignore. Fences, walls, tiles and pebbles are there to react to,  so he may scale them, chew them or play in any of a number of ways, including simply removing what can be removed to another place.

We have that capacity also for natural spontanuity, but this consumer world has forced us to set it aside… We do not use our words and concepts as tools but as masters  guided by Identity.

The Chan idea of when sitting, be sitting … when walking, be walking . But we sit and think and walk and think… Is there anything that we do or will do that has not passed by the inspection of thought.

There are few that know the secret life force of green bamboo or yellow flowers. There are few that can see a fence and let it be just that.

It is natural for a child to play with mud, sit down in a puddle , throw a stone or reject any human that invades his world that he cannot stand… But we have other ideas for him or her… They paint their trees on paper in a way that we do not understand … so we have to change his expression into what we in our closed minds see as a tree.

Our parents brainwashed us, as we brainwash our children…  Ghengis is free … We reject that freedom for a piece of silver,,,, Who is Judas?

Thank you Ghengis

Shan jian


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