This is Chocolate the sister of Cocoe and she, unlike Cocoe , who has what is called a “horse coat”,  she has a “bear coat”. That means that her fur is longer and more silky. We call her sometimes “Little  bear” but she responds to Chocolate. 

In this photo she was still just a puppy, now her tail has that full circle and like her brothers and sisters she is the equivalent of a three year old child.

What is her major quality that is different than that of Cocoe?  I think that it is “Determination”. She will one day be for sure a female alpha.  I tried to pull out of the hat some other lesson that she is teaching us, but that is the most important. She just does not give up. In the Dharma lessons we do talk about both DETERMINATION and PERSEVERANCE and that is her great strength.

We normally think of “determination and perseverance ” as a strictly mental factors, but that is not so.  Determination and Perseverance are deeply rooted as  physiological elements. Now the interesting question is whether it is a mind moment that drives the physical expression or is it the first physical expressions that forms a mental illusion of Determination and Perseverance?

Contemplation with direct experiences shows that they are basically  physiological elements that are Visceral. In the face of difficulties it is the body that responds and this has its mental coorelates.  That should be evident by just watching Chocolate, for she is not conscious of herself as a separate creature (an I” ) and cannot drum up mental Determination or Perseverance. Yet they are there.

So why do we not show determination and seem forced to mentally apply determination to a project or situation? Why, when we fail in something, do we tell ourslves to persevere?

Too often the human creature avoids difficult situations in order to avoid failure. They have other reasons drummed up by Cognitive Dissonance, but the truth is they fear failure and the consequences.

There is only one real solution and that is to develop Equanimity … In an ordinary sense it MUST come about by reaizing that there is really NOTHING that is important even Life or Death…  This is not, however Intellectul indifference. But it must initially be mentally generated with every intention.  

Now why is that? It is because our Determination and Perseverance is masked and pushed down by Identity, who basically is a Coward.  

Of course we know that there are no real Identities, but this apparently cowardly Identity is just a mixture of shelved memory responses of Confusion which is visceral and Acquisativeness which is emotional.  The mental componant says We SHOULD have Determination and perseverance… and so we have an internal mental battle which must be resolved.

In the dharma practices we know that all three are frauds and by meditation we can eliminate the symptoms of Identity and by Chan Contemplation destroy the Identities  altogether.

But what can we do in the meantime? .. We can use a Mindfulness and remain as conscious as we can of the messages that eminate from the body.. When you have difficulties ignore the mind and listen to the voice of your body which declares “resist and persevere”… The voice  is really there if you listen… That is the Dharma Voice.

Thank you Chocolate for the daily message.


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