This my Dharma friends is Cocoe , considering whether to eat grass or not, on the steps to the seminary terrace. This was an earlier shot, for she is now six months old and nearing that stage when her body and character has taken full form. Her wrinkles have been filled out somewhat now.

She is one of Glorias two daughters. The other is called Chocolate.  Of all our Sharpeis Cocoe is the most curious and the most active. Perhaps because when she was a young pup she seemed to be the smallest and had to fight for her food. She has learned that her Sharpei Rights are equal to any other and is always in the food fray on equal terms.

Her body has formed now with an elegance of a Top Model. She is alert always. It is not that she is always searching for some mischief, but that she is always alert to every opportunity. She is what she is and is always alive and ready for whatever occurs and her curiosity is not the same as the mindless search which we humans make for the impossible.

We search, but what are we searching for… Freedom from Suffering ?  A great Awakening ?  a Life that is Comfortable. That all seems so ridiculous for we have an important lesson to learn.

The Master Foyan declared:

” If you are searching, really what difference is there betweenyour search and the mere following of a sound or a form. If you don’t search, is there a difference between the earth, wood or a stone? What you need to do is Search without Searching!”

Now what does that really mean. If you observe Cocoe and her curiosity you will see that she is never searching FOR something.  When there is a sound she searches for is source. When there is a novel form in her view, she searches to find out what it is? There is not in her the compulsive impulse to Search. The search arises without the impulse or command to search.

That is as it should be for us also..

We should not be in this world searching for Significance. We should not be searching for Peace. We should not be searching to establish our Identity. We should not be searching for Order in this life. These searches are fruitless, for we would if we were foretunate discover that there is no Significance to be discovered; that Peace is an empty concept for it can only be found together with the concept of war. That Identity is completely Empty for it is a great potentially debilitating delusion; we find that Order is ony a tool that is useful only in understandig Chaos and that really all Searching is endless and energy consuming   that is rather like the polishing of a rock with a feather to make a mirror.

Cocoe simply is alert and waiting to follow sounds and form…

You should simply be alert and waiting to follow the Dharma which is to be found in every rain shower, every pasing cloud, in a rushing stream , in snow on a mountain, in fact within every element of Nature that you have forgotten exists as True Dharma.

Thank you Cocoe.


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