This is Gloria.

Ku xin Shan, our late VIPASSANA master, always called her “Licking Puppy” because that was, and still is, always her first greeting.  

She came to the seminary, like Dunkel, with a serious skin problem and a tail that was always down,  far fron the joyous Sharpei curl. Fortunately, she did not have leishmania and so now she is about as healthy as a Sharpei can be. She has not the external beauty that human’s look for, but she is the closest that the human creature can get to Friendship.

While Dunkel, who had the same father, was Noble she is indeed Glorious, that is to say she is always has her tail a-wgging and is the first to come to you. Her tail now is up there like a Sharpei banner.  She is also the first with an incredible energy to set the alarm when there is  new face anywhere within a hundred yards.

If she had human characteristics they would clearly be Dharma one’s; Alegria, and Compassion without a doubt. Where does this come from? It is clearly Genetic, for she was born and reared with Dunkel and Nantou. Each has their own genetic heritage, and each  quite different..

Gloria has the Sharpei characterristic of Independance, which humans would call stubborness, and resists all the learning that suits human comfort, but there is not much for her to learn… why should she learn anything at all that is not natural? Most of the things that humans impose upon their animals suits human fancy not nature’s dictates.  

Her Sharpei characteristics are inside her and I wondered what human characteristics were inside the human creature, hidden away…. If a Sharpei’s characteristics are true belonging to it’s tribe and guarding it’s territory, what are the most important characteristics of the human creature.

Apart from the unique capacity to have a True Compassion, Gladness for others, and live with  Benevolent affect, the most important are the linked pair CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY..  But to awaken these from the depths of stained Samsara takes teachings, meditation and a solid daily application.  But what really is the value  of the teachings and meditation? Is it no more than Brainwashing?

The value is very high of course, although  there is nothing to be actually learned. That  is the SECRET for all that the human creature requires to lift themselves from bondage  is all there inside  waitng to be liberated.

The Master Yuanwu declared:

The words of Buddhas and Masters of Chan  are nothing more than instruments and methods to reach the Truth. When there is an Awakening and one experiences the truth for oneself  you discover that all the teachings are there in your interior.

Therefore, you can see that all the verbal teachings of Buddha and Chan Masters are no more than echos and reflections so don’t turn somersaults in your head.”

That means that you should listen, but relax and without the aggitation of conscious intellect,  simply start  to really open the Chan Forest Gate to that natural Curiosity and Creativity and all will become clear.

But you cannot accomplish this by just sitting with an empty mind, seeking relaxation or cures for your daily problems. Nor do you  need to follow others with their habits and styles. You must not follow the sounds of your own Identity Drum either, no matter how romantic that may sound.. 

Just listen to the echos of the teachings, repeating and repeating within nature.  Just look at the reflections of the mountains and streams, the woods and the fields, the animals and small creatures that are our companions in this life.

It is all there if you have the guts to let go, here and now, of what you do not need.  Be stubborn in defense of what is natural and correct inside you and don’t be another one of the robots that march to the tunes of State, Religions, Education and the Daughters of Mara.

Thank you Gloria.

Gloria simply required the opportunity to express her own nature… That is an important lesson, for you too can exoress your own true nature… But you have to give yourself the opportunity.


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