Impermanence has made its indelible mark and Dunkel is dead and Lucky Blue is now eight months old.

He is the image of his father and his behaviour is identical, but not being the alpha dog his comportament is (for the moment) more submissive when he is around Nantou.

He was born as a great surprise, for we had no idea that Dunkel was pregnant and when she delivered this single small ratlike creature that could nestle in our hands it was an uncalled for bounty.

Why a bounty?

It was because we could see the day by day change in form and behaviour. Now that is a surprising thing, for the growth from birth to nine months brings about remarkble changes. Upon reflection one naturally asks where those changes come from. The answer of course is that they are genetically produced and that from birth the codes were present for all those physical and behavioural traits.


We are no different. From birth all that we are (or rather, could be) is present. There are factors which do add the changes of experience. In a natural and correct human creature there are  drives for natural comfort, security and belonging; natural curiosity and creativity, play behaviour for both body and mind; metbolism and reproduction factors; and perhaps most important the survival impulse that actually generates our honest and true experiences of Compassion, Benevolent Affect and Gladness, when others are glad.

How fantastic… How beautiful.  What the hell has happened.  It is all there ready to come out, but all is covered up by the virus of Identity. We are no longer human creatures but cosmological Jesters, Trixters that bite his own tails, destroying our own potential and the world around us.

That I suppose is why so many try to find an answer when the system declares, “something is very wrong here”.  Few find the answer and most  these days are trapped by the words and promises of religion and Fellow Trixters. 

I run around in our web page and this blog telling everyone that the sky is falling, but like Chicken Little I am ignored. So I sit in the Seminary with a few advnced students watching the growth of Lucky Blue, knowing that every human creature is lucky to have this human mind and body. Yet almost everyone  ignores that fact  and generate Confusion, Acquisitiveness and Aversion with Trixter messages which drive them in the wrong direction with the fable that all human creatures have the right to “pursue happiness”. They should of course also add Suffering in that packege.

Well Being that is natural without Identity and Duality is far away for all if there is not a remarkable change of True Introspection and Liberation. 

Lucky Blue as he grows is a perpetual reminder that we can be true human creatures if we have the guts to  cast out the Trixter and set aside the burdens of material and mental garbage which we carry.

Thank you Lucky Blue



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