Dunkel was a temple dog and the mother of Lucky Blue .. She had slowly been dying from Leishmania over the past two weeks. Yesterday she died peacefully and quietly with dignity. Of all our dogs she was the most noble. Perhps because she was different, a throwback genetically to the original Chinese Sharpei.

Her tail curved, not circular. her head angular and boney and a disposition that would not be part of the pack.

She died and I felt sad, not for her, for she had lived a marvelous life of freedom and care, but for me, because she was no longer present to share our life.  I wondered at the moment of her death if we accept death with the tranquility that she did, for she like all other animals  knows nothing of life and death. 

No! We do not. Because our minds grasp this life and fear death which we do not understand. Yet life and death are one thing.

One of the clear messages tobe learned here is that while we fear Death, we do not fear life, and we should.

Life,  for many in this world is a living hell and for those with good fortune there is an internal living hell where all happiness is loaded with potential suffering.

While I cannot say that I will greet Death with longing, certainly, Death brings no fear and I remember a childhood poem…in which both Life and Death were seen as great Imposters … and that is what they really are… If you live life without grasping it with desire then you live every glorious moment… and are integrated completely with all that is natural.

One of the great problems in life is that we are continually grasping, living in past and future without much regard for the present except with respect for what pleasore it can bring. 

Count your blessings and you will see how fortunate we are and  if you realize that we are a unique creature with regards to evolution that has consciousness at a sufficiently elevated level you will see how fortunate we are to be alive.

We have an Awareness of Life and that is extremely important. Why can’t we be satified with just that? Why can’t we be satisfied to see that we are a part of all life, the diversity which includes all plants, all animals?

If you can manage to be as one with the “dusty world”, as Dao suggests and Chan supports, then you are really living in the moment correctly. But you probably have forgotten how to live in the moment.. So you are really DEAD here and now…Yet you will worry more about dying as time passes and the grey hairs come  and the wrinkles grow.

How old are you now?… approaching forty or even fifty… Where has your life gone … will the rest of it be the same as it has been.. Have you really been part of the human race? have you been able to set aside work and the future in order to embrace a tree, to share gladness with a racing sqirrel, to see more in a butterfly than beauty? I could go on and on.

When you see the sun rising in the morning, what do you feel. You feel splendid. But that is an error… What you are relly saying s “It is glorious for I am seeing the sun”… You have lost a great opportunity to be as one with the sun… and the moon and every living thing great and small.

Death is slowly creeping up on every living creature… Are you ready? Will you be able to say on your crimson bed of death … I lived my life … or will you only be able to look back on an empty life of false happiness and possesion.

Thank you Dunkel for a glorious lesson..


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