After a long fight against invading bacteria I am out of the sick bed and able to confront this stined and tainted world once more.

One of things that really puzzles me is why there is so little concern over the destruction of nature…I see blogs on different topics where readers are in the thousands. Here if I get a dozen that is something.

Most readers are egocentric and I suppose that makes other egocentric people happy .

So where do I go from here.  Do I just talk about our “temple dogs”?

They are Nantou, Gloria, Dunkel (who is not to last long) Lucky Blue, Ghengis, Coco and Chocolate?

It would certainly be enjoyable for me. For others I am not sure.

Nantou is “Top Baron” and was born in Finland and he is now six years old.

Here he is with his eldest son Lucky Blue.


The question is what can we learn from Nantou?… He is being exactly what he is, an Alpha Sharpei.

He sets the standard and puts the other males in place (Lucky Blue and Ghengis) both his sons.

But any scuffles are immediately forgotten. Then he lives his life exactly as a Sharpei should, within the limits which we humans have set.

So that perhaps is the first lesson from our Temple Dogs…. To live for the moment…but without Identity.   Not to dwell in the yesterdays –  nor in the tomorrows.

How many can manage that, for that is both Dao and Chan Buddha Dharma.

He has the great fortune to be a Dog (at least a templedog) for he does what is natural and does not think..

Now what a great boon that is.. It is not that his system does not act correcty, but he doesn’t think with a “me and a mine” involved.

So for today I will leave it there and see if anyone is interested. in continuing more profoundly with that idea.

In the next blog I will talk about other  lessons to be learned forom our Temple Dogs.

Our web page by the way is http://www.mahabodhisunyata.us.  But it is for serious Buddha Dharma students not Dharma Dabblers.

In the next few days I will try to get this Blog better organized.

Per ardua ad astra … Through hell to the stars.


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