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Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on January 2, 2011 by secretchan

Among many people there is an innate fear of bats. It is a shame really, for they are wonderful creatures.

This morning, working on repairs to a Chan Temple wall I dislodged a bad from its hideaway of darkness. It fell to the floor and I feared for its life, so I instructed a companion who was on below to move it gently to a dark place so that we could find a better home for it later. We placed a small carpet under it.

It was alive and seemed so helpless, so small no larger than a mouse. Occasionally, it stretched its wings and they were each five or six inches from body to tip.

Bats are wonderful flying mammals The forelimbs are webbed and developed as wings, making them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. They fly by flapping their spread out digits, which are very long and covered with a thin membrane.

Do you know how small a bat can be as an adult?

The smallest bat is the Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat, measuring just over an inch in length.

We left it quietly and continued working. Suddenly there was a scuffling and the bat righted itself, thrust forward and stretching those wings flew out through the door.

I smiled. Nature had generated energy to the Life Force and the survival of the bat was assured.

Now this is just a description of the event, but what is important is the experience that the appearance of the bat generated… First an experience that was surprise, then the experience accompanying concern….. then a distance from the experiences but not from the mind. Then finally when the bat took off a great experience called joy that the Life Force had triumphed once more.