I’d like to introduce here first a Dance ritual performed by the Australian Aborigines. Like many other older and wiser tribes, the education of children ia more than a sterile book filled classroom.

In this ritual a man wades into the tidal pools in search of fish. Suddenly he  on something and begins to scream. He has stepped upon a stone fish that appeared innocent and identical to a rock. In the ritual the dancer writhes in agony, falling upon the ground.

Actually a clay model with 13 wooden spines projecting from the spine is used in the dance to replicate the stone fish.

So what is so terrible. It is the most deadly of fish. It is poisonous  and when the man writhes upon the ground accompanied by a song of death the child gets the idea.

It is the most venomous fish known and is about two feet long and is so well camoflaged lying a couple of feet below the pool top that it is easily undetected… Its attack lasts just over a tenth of a second and although the human creature is not its target. Watch out.

The sting causes excruciating pain and a tremendous swelling rapidly develops with death of tissues.  The effects are muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and shock, which may result in death if not treated.

There is no fault with the fish that is protecting itself from predators like Manta and Shark, but the fish reminds me of the human creature.

HEre we are walking about is the streets, working perhaps and an at home with an aire of human innocence… The camoflage of our Identity masks, but we are as dangerous perhaps more so, for our human venom hurts and causes sufferingand in the young marks their lies forever.

Our poison is Aversion and Greed. Just two words, but the execution of aversion and greed kills the minds of children and causes suffering in adults.

But you no doubt are innocent. Examine yourself.

You may consider yourself a good person… a mask … until you let go of that Identity, the me and mine you are a human stonefish .  Until you are one with nature with more than that foolish intellect that you have, or the emotional cloptrap you are just a human stonefish.

And really on reflection the Stone fish is superior.



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