It seems that few care about either the Dharma nature or the Buddha Nature considering the hits on these last two blogs, but that sort of coincides with the idea that human nature is changing for the worst and all anyone gives  damn about is their visceral kicks, their emotions and their mental self fornication.

Fortunately we have the Buddha nature, that is the Nature of Wisdom, but few even know, apart from talking about it with empty heads, what that is all about.

The Buddha Nature is really a biological homeostatic system which allows us to balance the cognitive expressions as possible responses to an illusory outside world with the natural programs of the life force that is a right hemisphere function.

What the question then appears to be is the impermanence of this Buddha Nature.

Buddha said that all was impermanent and certainly that applies.  The Dharma Nature changes slowly as I said in the last blog.

The Buddha Nature also changes, but its principle force and growth is directed at Survival.

The survival paramaters which exist at the moment are directed at maintaining ones own life, while balancing that life with the survival of offspring of the human species, the tribal group nd the specific environment which supports all.

The problem s of course that while the life force sets the pattern and emits biological orders to act so that the tribe will survive, Cognition recognizes no tribe, not even a tribe of two as Identity seeks its own pound of flesh.

But the original order stands and will do so for as long as the human creature exists, though it may develop a parameter which is more precise and global.  We see in other animal the survival trend from “Self”  to “Self and offspring” … to “Self , offspring and tribe”  and finally the much later program demanding an additional awareness of the evironment.

What Nature will develop as an even greater demand we cannot tell, but its direction will be not be  Identity supporsting.

My wishful thought would be a survival order preserving the higher consciousness, although it is claer that the human creature with a mind like Janus looking in twio directions, one pleasing Identity parameters and the other pleasing natural parameters will unfortuanately end as it always seem to with the correct and natural being gagged and silent.

Only dedication to teachings, meditation that is not mundane and correct daily application of Natural Dharma has any possibility of slowing the Identity massacre of all that is truly human..

Well folks that’s the end of this auto reflection on the Death of the Buddha Nature.  Identity will rule probably until man’s demise, but the Buddha Nature will continue to be there waiting for those few … very very few …that Buddha declared don’t run up and down on the Stained Samsara side of the river of life and who with natural virtue and sagacity get by hook and crook to the other side.


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