Many years ago, while a child, a daisy chain was something one made as a gift for someone. In my case it was for my mother or grandmother. It consisted of picking daisies and with the nail piercing the stem so that the next daisy would thread through, thus constructing a necklace.

Another thing we did was pick buttercups and placing them under the chin let the sun reflect upon the petals to see if you should eat butter that day… Childlike dreams perhaps… But they were innocent.

Now I know better… If I were to pick a flower I know that I am detroyng a part of a living thing.. True the flower doesn’t scream and the plant does not wither, but I am aware of what I am doing.

In innocence and with childlike love I presnted the daisy cahain and my mother or grandmother’s smile was a reward.

But now would that smile, a reward taken by Identity, give reason to the act of damaging life.

It seems like a silly question, for when we walk upon grass we are taking life… when we eat a salad we have taken life… That is survival I suppose, but still it appears that we should at least be conscious of what we are doing… From the Dharma point of view, we should see that loss of the life force and value it while destroying it … Thus we are closer to understanding our own life force, linking it with all living things, and of course the environment that supports us all.

Yet at the same time we should limit any egocentric taking of life… Flowers to decorate a room for example do  not seem to me to be a fair exchange and when we consider that we have robbed others from the joy of seeing those flowers in their natural setting it seems rather selfish.

Does buying flowers at a florist get you off the hook? You must decide,  but I know that if I were a child again, I would bring my grandmother to sit with me and watch the daisies grow and watch the sun feeding the buttercups.

Foolish? Have you ever tried it.  perhaps it is time that you considered such foolishness as wisdom.


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