I heard a woman recently devoutly bemoaning the fact that her small pony would not be able to go the heaven with her when she died. She was partially right of course. Her pony will not go to heaven … and according to Baptist Creation Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Edwards neither will she.

She would be no doubt horrified if she heard that news from Dr. Jonathan Edwards, who announced findings related to his research into the female soul early this week by declaring that: “the absence of either salvation or condemnation for women finds extensive support in the Word of God.”

He reported. “Jesus said that the sole reason God created women in the first place was to provide company and service to men (1 Corinthians 11:9), God determined that men would be lonely living alone, so he created women purely to keep men company and serve their needs (Genesis 2:18-22). Women are therefore completely subordinate to men (1 Corinthians 11:3).

It stands to reason, though, that once men enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be one with God, and will no longer be lonely and in need of mortal companionship. Thus, the reason behind having women will no longer exist. Women, like the members of the animal kingdom, will fall by the wayside.”

Dr. Edwards went on to say that, Women are fond of self-indulgence (Isaiah 32:9-11). They are silly and easily led into error (2 Timothy 3:6). They are subtle and deceitful (Proverbs 7:10; Ecclesiastes 7:26). They are zealous in promoting superstition and idolatry (Jeremiah 7:18; Ezekiel 13:17, 23). And they are active in instigating to iniquity (Numbers 31:15-16; 1 Kings 21:25; Nehemiah 13:26). It was the inherent weakness of women that led them to be deceived by Satan (Genesis 3:1-6; 2 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Timothy 2:14). Consequently, women were cursed from the start (Genesis 3:16). There is simply no room in heaven for such flawed and inadequate beings.”

The good news then is that women have no souls.  Buddha Dharma of course agree for men also are relieved of the burden of sitting in that crowded space on the right hand of god listening to the infernal winged angel music played on harps.

Yet declaring then against that religious idea and the apparent inferior position of women in Dr Edwards position I find that the Buddhist position is not much better.

Women according to Dharma texts are decidedly inferior to men. Buddha was wary of their participation in Sangha. He relented finally due to the incredible sacrifice and insistence of the women involved and Ananda’s pleas,,, and one of the things he declared was that women too can gain Awakening…. Okay, so they won’t go to heaven … but they can be Awakened.

But we must examine why Buddha took that position.. If you take the trouble to examine all the Sangha rules you will discover one important point… He was protecting men from the distraction of woman’s presence… but more, he was protecting men from themselves… the problem you see is that men, he saw and I see, are weak creatures with regard to their Identity and Sex…

If God really was just at all he should have given women a soul and left man with just his penis. But then God is not known for justice and perhaps not wisdom.

Surprisingly with all his wisdom Buddha had no real solutions for this problem… His only meditative recourse against this male “sexual identity” problem was to see the human body and its orifices as unclean and filthy.

I don’t think many follow that advice.   So what is left? The only solution is first to become a human creature … not an easy task even with Dharma teachings and meditations … then to become Woman and Man ….not social and religious caricatures with all the rites and ceremonies and role playing involved… Then and only then is there a real chance of a true and lasting relationship…. With that and living with Dharma,  when it comes time to allow dust to become dust … who wants a soul?


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