For all you readers out there who hppen to glance at this blog I have good news. Of course it is not news to me, but after viewing hundreds of web pages, including that of Wikipedia, I see it firmly stated that animals have a Buddha Nature.

There are some now who might rail against my next statement, but I assure you that if you have domestic pet, no matter if it is a Mongoose, an Ostrich or  the magnificent Dog that they DO NOT HAVE A BUDDHA NATURE.

Is that a shock. maybe, for most have no idea really what a Buddha Nature is and as a consequence buy the false information written and spoken by Buddhist pundits that animals too can be liberated and reach awakening.

What nonsense!  I watch every day our own animals among them Apolo ,  a Doberman and Aire, a German Pincher, and I assure you after examining as a biologist for more years than I like to remember, that no animal from the Spider Monkeys to the common Helix, or snail that I have particularly studied had any need whatsoever of Awakening.

Apolo as representative of the Canine branch of animals operates each day as nature intended. He is free and un-restrained and we provide food and he lazes around the Mahabodhi Sunyata seminary, performing his natural symbiotic task of vigilance to perfection.

So what does he require liberation from… Certainly from human stupidity, but it is only our own Awakening which will resolve that.

Now while I claim that no animal except the human animal has a Buddha Nature it is not only my claim… When this Buddha Nature theme came up about 1500 years ago in China that very point was debated by the great Masters… No surprise in store for they were in agreement with my proposition… ANIMALS DO NOT HAVE A BUDDHA NATURE …. they need no awakening,

They do have a nature… a duck has a duck nature; a lion a lion nature  and a daisy a daisy nature…. Man had a human nature, but somehow lost it… which is why it needed recovery with a Buddha Nature.

So what do these animals have if it is not a Buddha Nature.. Read the early discussions in China and you will see that what they have is a DHARMA NATURE.

Now that should be good news.. and what is more it puts us in our correct place.

When that daisy is being a perfect daisy, the lion a perfect lion and Apolo a perfect dog then we are hanging about on the bottom of the totem pole being so imperfect tht we cannot realize our DHARMA NATURE and have to work instead with a homeostatic BUDDHA NATURE to put things right.

Now despite seeing the perfection of a tree or a blade of grass or a mosquito, here we are with a Buddha Nature which can with application and diligence, calm, patience, determination, perseverance and introspection with meditation bring us up to the level of other animals, using then our intelligence helping to protect natural diversity of all life.

But will we as a human race respond? . Will you respond to what I have said?

Or will you continue to stride as an arrogant human creature who requires the operation of a BUDDHA NATURE to reach the worthy level of a maggot.

May all animals live long with their DHARMA NATURE.

My we as humans finally discover at least that the BUDDHA NATURE IS AVAILABLE.


3 Responses to “HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS”

  1. Jieshi Shan Says:

    real understanding is better than a human-made idea of what nature and Buddha nature and “natural ” nature” is..
    thanks very much

  2. Weishi Jueshan Says:

    Just by coincidence, I’m reading on the side Suzuki’s acclaimed Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, where he mentions the Parinirvana Sutra saying that “everything has Buddha nature”. It sure raised my eyebrows when I came across it, because somehow or other it just didn’t ring true.

    This idea of Dharma nature you present makes a lot more sense: yes, we are all ultimately unified as energy, but no, as illusions humans and dobermans do not share the same nature.

    I can live and work with that.

    • hose who like references I include the following from the webpage

      Jizang is in accord with our position: “since sentient human beings have mental delusions, they can attain the truth of awakening. But since non human life forms down to simple grass and trees have no mind, thus they have no delusion.

      Therefore it is said (Nirvana sutra) that since sentient beings possess buddha-nature they can attain buddhahood, but since grass and trees are devoid of buddha-nature they cannot attain buddhahood.”

      In the 圓覺經, the Sutra of Perfect Awakening, (yuan jue jing), composed in China during the second half of the seventh century, the following is stated:.

      “Wisdom and foolishness interfuse as prajna. The teachings accomplished by both bodhisattvas and heretics are equally bodhi. The realms of ignorance and true suchness are not different. Morality, meditation, wisdom, and greed, anger, and delusion are all noble practices.

      All the worlds of sentient (human) beings share the same dharma-nature; the hells and the heavens are all pure lands. Those with and those without [buddha] nature all attain the buddha way. The defilements are all ultimate liberation. The dharma-dhatu’s ocean of wisdom illuminates all phenomena as if it were empty space.”

      This is not at all easy to understand and can lead to multiple misinterpretations. Its meaning is more philosophical than practical and simply states that since all Dharmas are empty, then an act of wisdom is empty and an act of folly is also empty. Taken to its extreme Awakening in no different in that sense than a fall into a mental purgatory, for both are empty.

      Yet we can declare that beyond consciousness when the last conceptualization of emptiness is exploded one reaches beyond to the internal operation of the apparent human creature and while there is no Buddha Nature, since all is empty, the natural system operates altogether differently when the attainment-no attainment has been made.

      From the cognitively conscious viewpoint of intellect, the non-existent Life Force is served best when the non-existent Buddha Nature is released from the non-existent chains of a non-existent Cognitive Identity.

      法藏 Fazang (Fa-tsang ) 643-712

      Dharma Heir of the HuaYan Model

      Dharma Nature

      Fazang handles the issue: in a discussion of the meaning of 法性 “dharma-nature” (fa-xing), better perhaps translated as “natural-law” in the 大乘起信論, Treatise on Awakening of Faith in Mahayana, (dacheng qi chin lun)

      He explains that “true suchness pervades both the defiled and the pure, the sentient and the insentient.”

      He declares that, with regard to sentient beings, suchness is called buddha-nature, and with regard to non-self-sentient beings it is called dharma-nature.

      In his 大莲华法藏界, The Record of Probing the Hsüan of the Avatamsaka, (Huáyán jīng sōuxuán jì), he further declares that “while the nature of true suchness taught by the three vehicles permeates both the sentient and the insentient, only sentient beings can awakening to buddha-nature.”

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