On looking at the many nature blogs available I find that there are many people who love nature … well let us put it another way … there are many people who feel excited, elated and happy when viewing nature.

That at least makes it clear that when they make their ramblings within woods, by streams, in the mountains the feel happy.  But that really only means that their Identity is happy. It does not mean that they have integrated themselves with nature.


But very few respond well to that sort of criticism and what they and blog readers want is to share those wonderful experiences of happiness within nature. They do not want to come face to face with the other side of man’s relationship with nature, the destructive side, and do not wish anyone to remind them that with this shallow appreciation they are a part of that destructive ugly face.

So I will not remind them of that any more. My approach before was rather like that from Shakespeare.

“I come to bury Caesar not to praise him.”

For indeed, nature is being buried by the human  creatures folly and I considered that yelling “murder” at human destruction indeed praised all nature.

But few come back to this blog or join it,  joining in the chorus of agreement, so perhaps I should change my focus and talk more about Buddha Dharma and less about animals that are being slowly eliminated and their environment destroyed.

So let me try being brief and talk about a Dharma topic EMPTINESS.

I wish no battles so I will simply state what other masters, long since gone, have declared, without elaborating upon that more.

In the Dharm world most who talk on chats, blogs, twitters and twatters (even in books) have no idea wht emptiness and as blind idiots they  lead the blind into greater obscurity.

I then will make one simple statement by Nagarjuna,

“Emptiness grabbed at the wrong end is like a snake grabbed at its tail;  it is fatal.”

If you do not know why and how then you are indeed grabbing the snake at the wrong end.

Reflect upon that.



  1. sad but true!! excellent post. iwill use it as a reminder of what nature really is, and what “slice” i prefer about nature

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