After a large period of reflection upon the utility of a blog related to the folly of man against nature I am beginning to see that there is little use except for the internal reflections of an in group which are in agreement with the principle.

Trying to reach those who only have a passing topical interest and those who either don’t give a damn about nature, or at best, only have an intellectual interest, is almost impossible.

True integration beyond the mind with nature, carrying the impulse to permit the survival of the diversity of life itself is dying as is a true search for Dharma.

In fact I wonder if it is not already dead and simply is living with an, as yet, continuing consciousness although the body is dead.

Saying that I think of George.

George is dead … He lived for 190 years and finally past away. .. No great surprise I suppose to many and certainly of no interest to most. But George is the last of his sub-species … There will be no more unless some time in the future scientists manage to revive the sub- species artificially.

Of course that is no great thing, for that takes the pressure of to protect diversity and allows man to kill off what life it wills for convenience and bring it back when they want. They will never stop t that however for there will be new species certainly that conform with human requirements.

I doubt that I will be around to see that and I don’t think that I shall regret not being here for that event, although I would be delighted to be around when the human creature falls, dust to dust.

Probably hundreds of thousands like George, last of a species or sub-species,  will also not be around.  Today I can only thank all the Georges that have passed in my lifetime, for they have brought this human folly filled mind true joy in being a part of their world.

Adios Lonesome George,  last of the Pinta Island Tortoise race



  1. Jieshi Shan Says:

    oh, imagino que un ser que se extingue con gruesa caparazón y natural sabiduria de vivir, estaba mas en armonia con la naturaleza que el ser humano , con otras caparazones de dinero , autos y mente.

    George ahora será embalsamado y mostrado, seco , quieto y duro…

    no veo salida honorable para el mundo en que vivimos

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