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How many died today … How many have your iberty.

Yet with the liberty you have you sit in the same cage as them



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I  heard an interesting line toady.

It said “help a hunter .. get him drunk and send him home in his car.”

A tough statement don’t you think.  Do hunters really merit that sort of remark?


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I’d like to introduce here first a Dance ritual performed by the Australian Aborigines. Like many other older and wiser tribes, the education of children ia more than a sterile book filled classroom.

In this ritual a man wades into the tidal pools in search of fish. Suddenly he  on something and begins to scream. He has stepped upon a stone fish that appeared innocent and identical to a rock. In the ritual the dancer writhes in agony, falling upon the ground.

Actually a clay model with 13 wooden spines projecting from the spine is used in the dance to replicate the stone fish.

So what is so terrible. It is the most deadly of fish. It is poisonous  and when the man writhes upon the ground accompanied by a song of death the child gets the idea.

It is the most venomous fish known and is about two feet long and is so well camoflaged lying a couple of feet below the pool top that it is easily undetected… Its attack lasts just over a tenth of a second and although the human creature is not its target. Watch out.

The sting causes excruciating pain and a tremendous swelling rapidly develops with death of tissues.  The effects are muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and shock, which may result in death if not treated.

There is no fault with the fish that is protecting itself from predators like Manta and Shark, but the fish reminds me of the human creature.

HEre we are walking about is the streets, working perhaps and an at home with an aire of human innocence… The camoflage of our Identity masks, but we are as dangerous perhaps more so, for our human venom hurts and causes sufferingand in the young marks their lies forever.

Our poison is Aversion and Greed. Just two words, but the execution of aversion and greed kills the minds of children and causes suffering in adults.

But you no doubt are innocent. Examine yourself.

You may consider yourself a good person… a mask … until you let go of that Identity, the me and mine you are a human stonefish .  Until you are one with nature with more than that foolish intellect that you have, or the emotional cloptrap you are just a human stonefish.

And really on reflection the Stone fish is superior.



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It seems that very few people care about Dharma, that is to say about being a natural human creature that lives in harmony with all other living things. It is true that hundreds of thousnds do lip service to the theme and would vote for laws that punish animal cruelty… But a vote is an easy thing to cast … you jut put an X in the correct place and slip a small piece of paper into a box.


Then you can forget it for you have done your part. Probably you even have so little interest that you will just wait until you see some footnote in some uninterested newspaper, written by an uninterested reporter … and that is that.

But how many really do anything?  You may support the idea to stop animals from reproducing. there are too many dogs and cats in the world… So I say then we should force all humans to stop reproducing… When the Chinese tried there was international outcry.. It was against human rights… and animal rights , have they all evaporated because an animal does not please us.

Dharma must be displaced always to make room for our likes and dislikes, our greed.  All we really are interested in fundamentally is SEX and all we are really pre ocupied with … if we get all that greed demands is DEATH.  But surprisngly DEATH seems to rise in importance as SEX seems to fade in importance.   But we are ony concerned about OUR DEATH and OUR SEX.  To hell with everyone else.

I think it would be a good idea to project on our televison screens every day.  The number of animals destroyed by our hands … the numbr of species extinguished … the number of trees cut down to provide wood for human greed and paper to increase hisignorane throgh newspapers and books that are nothing more than tools to keep the wheels of commerce running.

Well that is the way it is.. How many dogs are alaughtered today? You have no idea… How many trees have been felled today … how much polution have we individually contributedto today.

And even if we conserve by putting residuals in the right place … you can be sure that someone is making a buck.



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It seems that few care about either the Dharma nature or the Buddha Nature considering the hits on these last two blogs, but that sort of coincides with the idea that human nature is changing for the worst and all anyone gives  damn about is their visceral kicks, their emotions and their mental self fornication.

Fortunately we have the Buddha nature, that is the Nature of Wisdom, but few even know, apart from talking about it with empty heads, what that is all about.

The Buddha Nature is really a biological homeostatic system which allows us to balance the cognitive expressions as possible responses to an illusory outside world with the natural programs of the life force that is a right hemisphere function.

What the question then appears to be is the impermanence of this Buddha Nature.

Buddha said that all was impermanent and certainly that applies.  The Dharma Nature changes slowly as I said in the last blog.

The Buddha Nature also changes, but its principle force and growth is directed at Survival.

The survival paramaters which exist at the moment are directed at maintaining ones own life, while balancing that life with the survival of offspring of the human species, the tribal group nd the specific environment which supports all.

The problem s of course that while the life force sets the pattern and emits biological orders to act so that the tribe will survive, Cognition recognizes no tribe, not even a tribe of two as Identity seeks its own pound of flesh.

But the original order stands and will do so for as long as the human creature exists, though it may develop a parameter which is more precise and global.  We see in other animal the survival trend from “Self”  to “Self and offspring” … to “Self , offspring and tribe”  and finally the much later program demanding an additional awareness of the evironment.

What Nature will develop as an even greater demand we cannot tell, but its direction will be not be  Identity supporsting.

My wishful thought would be a survival order preserving the higher consciousness, although it is claer that the human creature with a mind like Janus looking in twio directions, one pleasing Identity parameters and the other pleasing natural parameters will unfortuanately end as it always seem to with the correct and natural being gagged and silent.

Only dedication to teachings, meditation that is not mundane and correct daily application of Natural Dharma has any possibility of slowing the Identity massacre of all that is truly human..

Well folks that’s the end of this auto reflection on the Death of the Buddha Nature.  Identity will rule probably until man’s demise, but the Buddha Nature will continue to be there waiting for those few … very very few …that Buddha declared don’t run up and down on the Stained Samsara side of the river of life and who with natural virtue and sagacity get by hook and crook to the other side.


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With the intention of writing this blog for a couple of days I find that I can’t get correctly into my blog, so I have no idea how this will turn out.

Anyway let me begin by declaring without the minimum of doubt from both a scientific and a Dharma point of view,,, The DHARMA NATURE is impermanent, that is to say it is potentially always open to change. We saw in the poem that I presented in the last blog that the change through evolution of Eohippus into todays magnificent horse ..We saw in the poem that the roots of the ape transformed into man.

This clearly does not imply in the case of the human creature that any change will be beneficial for the natural life force.

For all other species except man the gradual evolutionary transformations have generated great diversity and since that is the main trend of nature all is well and good.

The human creature’s development we can say has been very clearly dentremental to the diversity of life. His Dharma Nature has been stained by the presence of Duality in his mind, due to his great capacity to store and categorize (thanks to words) and the presence of an illusory Identity and a set of subliminal operating complexes that the Aryans called Gunas, the Buddha Temperaments and Freudian theorists Id, Ego and Super Ego.

While the wise men have always tried to let everyone know that Identity is illusion and we should not set too much store by its activity, modern psychiatry and psychology with few excemptions leads us to believe that Identity is to be sought after and that Self esteem is essential… Bad luck for the Modern World.

Okay, allowing such catastrophic impermanence the good news is that although our behavior may get worse as a human creature a major Dharma nature disaster will be along time coming.

Major physical changes in Sparrows within a closed deem pool has been shown to take about seven years. In my lifetime I have seen the physiological change in height from we old world Dwarfs to the healthy Californian giants.

Too bad that the human brain did not develop positively, but that is how it is.

So it must be clear and well accepted that the Dharma Nature of any life force is impermanent … Animals that do not have our remarkable gift of intelligent destructiveness will continue to develop, although their diversity will diminish in proportion to our penchant to kill, for our acquisitive lust and our adherence to the globalization of the human mind.

Let me stop here for the day and look in the next blog …. if all goes well at the BUDDHA NATURE and its potential death, perhaps before our human physical demise comes about.

Shan jian


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In the following poem it is interesting and delightful to see how Human Nature, that is DHARMA NATURE,  develops, but afterreading it there will perhaps be another more interesting and important question that comes to mind..


There was once a little animal,
No bigger than a fox,
And on five toes he scampered
Over Tertiary rocks.
They called him Eohippus,
And they called him very small,
And they thought him of no value –
When they thought of him at all;
For the lumpish old Dinoceras
And Coryphodon so slow
Were the heavy aristocracy
In days of long ago.

Said the little Eohippus,
“I am going to be a horse!
And on my middle finger-nails
To run my earthly course!
I’m going to have a flowing tail!
I’m going to have a mane!
I’m going to stand fourteen hands high
On the psychozoic plain!”

The Coryphodon was horrified,
The Dinoceras was shocked;
And they chased young Eohippus,
But he skipped away and mocked.
And they laughed enormous laughter,
And they groaned enormous groans,
And they bade young Eohippus
Go view his father’s bones.
Said they, “You always were as small
And mean as now we see,
And that’s conclusive evidence
That you’re always going to be.
What!  Be a great, tall, handsome beast,
With hoofs to gallop on?
Why!  You’d have to change your nature!”
Said the Loxolophodon.
They considered him disposed of,
And retired with gait serene;
That was the way they argued
In “the early Eocene.”

There was once an Anthropoidal Ape,
Far smarter than the rest,
And everything that they could do
He always did the best;
So they naturally disliked him,
And they gave him shoulders cool,
And when they had to mention him
They said he was a fool.

Cried this pretentious Ape one day,
“I’m going to be a Man!
And stand upright, and hunt, and fight,
And conquer all I can!
I’m going to cut down forest trees,
To make my houses higher!
I’m going to kill the Mastodon!
I’m going to make a fire!”

Loud screamed the Anthropoidal Apes
With laughter wild and gay;
They tried to catch that boastful one,
But he always got away.
So they yelled at him in chorus,
Which he minded not a whit;
And they pelted him with cocoanuts,
Which didn’t seem to hit.
And then they gave him reasons
Which they thought of much avail,
To prove how his preposterous
Attempt was sure to fail.
Said the sages, “In the first place,
The thing cannot be done!
And, second, if it could be,
It would not be any fun!
And, third, and most conclusive,
And admitting no reply,
You would have to change your nature!
We should like to see you try!”
They chuckled then triumphantly,
These lean and hairy shapes,
For these things passed as arguments
With the Anthropoidal Apes.

There was once a Neolithic Man,
An enterprising wight,
Who made his chopping implements
Unusually bright.
Unusually clever he,
Unusually brave,
And he drew delightful Mammoths
On the borders of his cave.
To his Neolithic neighbors,
Who were startled and surprised,
Said he, “My friends, in course of time,
We shall be civilized!
We are going to live in cities!
We are going to fight in wars!
We are going to eat three times a day
Without the natural cause!
We are going to turn life upside down
About a thing called gold!
We are going to want the earth, and take
As much as we can hold!
We are going to wear great piles of stuff
Outside our proper skins!
We are going to have diseases!
And Accomplishments!!  And Sins!!!”

Then they all rose up in fury
Against their boastful friend,
For prehistoric patience
Cometh quickly to an end.
Said one, “This is chimerical!
Utopian!  Absurd!”
Said another, “What a stupid life!
Too dull, upon my word!”
Cried all, “Before such things can come,
You idiotic child,
You must alter Human Nature!”
And they all sat back and smiled.
Thought they, “An answer to that last
It will be hard to find!”
It was a clinching argument
To the Neolithic Mind!

Dharma Narture changes through gradual evolution as a result of deem pool reproduction, which requires a great deal of replication.  The question is,  since Dharma Nature is possessed by every living thing and the Buddha Nature (the potential to recover a stained Dharma Nature) , is the Buddha Nature sufficiently stable to remain as the means for Awakening or is it subject to atrophy or change, which may be beneficial or not.

It is a  difficult question.

Think about it, and let’s consider the answer in the next blog.