Do you recognize this beautiful creature?  Silly question. Of course you don’t.

But it is alive and in a hostile world it battles for survival.  Does it then like all human creatures have the right to life? Of course it does, for it is not the human creatures place to decide which is more fit than another…. All we can d is fight for our own survival, not as individuals, but as part of the whole in which our natural task is to be compassionate to all living things.

Tough luck then this living thing, for it is the dreaded virus.

Look at that word virus. It comes from the Latin which signifies poison, and was given long ago when scientists knew little about the creature except that it causes illness.

Of course you will think immediately of the AIDS virus, even though there are grave doubts about its real existence and it’s association with HIV.

Now the virus we now know is different than bacteria and other organisms because it is not cmposed of cells… Alright that makes it different and since the human creature has no time for those that are different therefore perhaps we can hate it with impunity.

It’s small and that makes it insignificant. perhaps that is another reason why we can exterminate it. The human creature has no patience for the insignificant.

Chromosomes control the chemistry of all cells and when the virus enters a cell it takes over,putting all the mechanism of the cell in it’s own sevice to propigate. It is perhaps then you see a greedy acquisitive little beast.. Perhaps then because we too are greedy and can’t paradocxically stand the greed of others it is alright to hate it… It is destructive certainly… ther we go… another reason to hate it.

So where is that compasion for all living things.

It seems to dissappear when we want it to.

Now it is a strange thing that although our own life force depends upon taking life (the food we eat) and defending itself from death and illness there is no reason why we cannot feel compassion for those life forms we kill.

Do we revere the magnificent life forms we shove into our mouths and flood with acid?…No we do not.

Do we revere and respect the viruses and like that can kill us? No we do not.

And that is a great mistake, for if we cannot respect and feel a true not social compassion for those that are different and insignificant we do not understand  really the value and beauty our own life.

Yes it is a great mistake, for if we cannot g feel that compassion for those that are greedy and destructive we do not understand life and cannot be a part of that magnificent life force that makes us truly human.

Yes it is great mistake that we cannot feel compasion and the similarity to our enemies and those who’s aim it is to destroy us and that makes us foolish for we can never understand an touch fully that life force within us.

Of couse it is our task to survive and to help all living creatures survive and balance death with life and also destroy those beautifful viruses that may invade us. But in destroying by necessity there must be a compassion that is more than social custom.

Ther is another interesting thing here. If you can feel compasion and understanding for that virus, inside you, doing it’s best to survive, then you are stronger and can defeat that virus more easily.. Hate you see is also a poison that eats a away at us destroying our defenses.

I hope a word to the wise is sufficient.


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