An estimated 1,000 people a day die of Aids-related illness in Africa, while the Catholic Church in the country  avoids all discussion of Aids, while continuing to oppose the use of condoms.

But a Reverend Xola Skosana,  gave a sermon suggesting that Jesus the Nazarine was also HIV positive. This was  designed to combat the stigma surrounding HIV and Aids, for last month two of his sisters died with Aids.

So he made his sermon and , underwent an HIV test in front of his congregation,  with more than 100 young people from the township.

The new political regime is doing better that its predecessors for former president Thabo Mbeki delayed all possible advance . Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, a health minister, declared  that  the consumption of garlic, beetroot and lemon delayed the development of HIV and suggested a diet of beetroot and garlic could cure the apparent virus.

Whether there really exists a virus or not is still not clear and it seems rather strange that true advances have somehow been slowed.  Why? Who can say, but since it is the human mind that makes decisions based upon political and commercial expediency perhaps we can expect nothing better.

But although these things passed through my mind it was the suggestion that beetroot and garlic was a cure made an impression upon me. So here is a quick treatment.

sliced white or dark bread
cream cheese
garlic, peeled and sliced
cooked beetroot, coarsley grated
cheese, coarsely grated

Spread the cream cheese on the bread slice, cover with garlic slices. Top with grated beetroot and grated cheese.
Place under a hot grill for 7-8 minutes, until the open sandwich is warm and cheese begins to melt.

Certainly I believe that there is much more to the HIV issue than appears on the surface, but certainly there is nothing like healthy food to feed a healthy mind.

But that opens another issue.  Every time you eat beetroot, garlic or anything else that is fruit or vegetable then death is involved.  We don’t think of rooting up beetroot or garlic as involves death, but these were living plants until uprooted.

I am not suggesting that we starve. still. nothing can be done about death once these two precious root-like  plants have been torn away from their home.

What we can do however is be aware of how precious life  itself as we pull them up, as we buy them, as we cook them and most of all when we eat them.

Christians who are sincere give thanks to their God and the great celebration of the pagans on the change of seasons was also a thanksgiving in which nature was revered.  But what is the great advantage of these moments of reflection… It is very great, for only if you understand the planting of all seeds, their growth and their falling away can you really understand your own birth, life and death.

If you cannot appreciate the life and growth of every thing that has life no matter how insignificant, then you cannot really accept with feeble cognitive consciousness a true appreciation of your own life as part of the whole.

Why not also give a moments reflection to those that die from Aids. It is not so much their death that is so important, but the fact that they have never had a chance to learn to live.

So maybe they would also squander their lives like you probably do, chained to confusion, greed and aversion, dominated by the mind that is really only a tool.

So make that Beetroot and Garlic dish, and just once reflect upon what I have said here… Who knows your life might even make a change for the better and you will at least have acted as a human creature for a few moments in your life.


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