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Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on September 17, 2010 by secretchan

A beautiful painting perhaps, but there is a subtlety here which many my have missed because there is insufficient introspection.

What was the first reaction?.

Was there true interaction of your mind with bird and flower, or were they separated? What’s more lookclosely t your mind and se if you separated them further into possibly good and possibly bad.

Was it the black which did it?  Or was it the possible nature of the bird?

Black and white… Evil good.

Dual mind?… Just a thought.

Beuty too…what is it. Generate beuty and you generate ugly… Dual mind?

Truth lies in the oneness.



Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on September 9, 2010 by secretchan

Do you recognize this beautiful creature?  Silly question. Of course you don’t.

But it is alive and in a hostile world it battles for survival.  Does it then like all human creatures have the right to life? Of course it does, for it is not the human creatures place to decide which is more fit than another…. All we can d is fight for our own survival, not as individuals, but as part of the whole in which our natural task is to be compassionate to all living things.

Tough luck then this living thing, for it is the dreaded virus.

Look at that word virus. It comes from the Latin which signifies poison, and was given long ago when scientists knew little about the creature except that it causes illness.

Of course you will think immediately of the AIDS virus, even though there are grave doubts about its real existence and it’s association with HIV.

Now the virus we now know is different than bacteria and other organisms because it is not cmposed of cells… Alright that makes it different and since the human creature has no time for those that are different therefore perhaps we can hate it with impunity.

It’s small and that makes it insignificant. perhaps that is another reason why we can exterminate it. The human creature has no patience for the insignificant.

Chromosomes control the chemistry of all cells and when the virus enters a cell it takes over,putting all the mechanism of the cell in it’s own sevice to propigate. It is perhaps then you see a greedy acquisitive little beast.. Perhaps then because we too are greedy and can’t paradocxically stand the greed of others it is alright to hate it… It is destructive certainly… ther we go… another reason to hate it.

So where is that compasion for all living things.

It seems to dissappear when we want it to.

Now it is a strange thing that although our own life force depends upon taking life (the food we eat) and defending itself from death and illness there is no reason why we cannot feel compassion for those life forms we kill.

Do we revere the magnificent life forms we shove into our mouths and flood with acid?…No we do not.

Do we revere and respect the viruses and like that can kill us? No we do not.

And that is a great mistake, for if we cannot respect and feel a true not social compassion for those that are different and insignificant we do not understand  really the value and beauty our own life.

Yes it is a great mistake, for if we cannot g feel that compassion for those that are greedy and destructive we do not understand life and cannot be a part of that magnificent life force that makes us truly human.

Yes it is great mistake that we cannot feel compasion and the similarity to our enemies and those who’s aim it is to destroy us and that makes us foolish for we can never understand an touch fully that life force within us.

Of couse it is our task to survive and to help all living creatures survive and balance death with life and also destroy those beautifful viruses that may invade us. But in destroying by necessity there must be a compassion that is more than social custom.

Ther is another interesting thing here. If you can feel compasion and understanding for that virus, inside you, doing it’s best to survive, then you are stronger and can defeat that virus more easily.. Hate you see is also a poison that eats a away at us destroying our defenses.

I hope a word to the wise is sufficient.


Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on September 4, 2010 by secretchan

An estimated 1,000 people a day die of Aids-related illness in Africa, while the Catholic Church in the country  avoids all discussion of Aids, while continuing to oppose the use of condoms.

But a Reverend Xola Skosana,  gave a sermon suggesting that Jesus the Nazarine was also HIV positive. This was  designed to combat the stigma surrounding HIV and Aids, for last month two of his sisters died with Aids.

So he made his sermon and , underwent an HIV test in front of his congregation,  with more than 100 young people from the township.

The new political regime is doing better that its predecessors for former president Thabo Mbeki delayed all possible advance . Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, a health minister, declared  that  the consumption of garlic, beetroot and lemon delayed the development of HIV and suggested a diet of beetroot and garlic could cure the apparent virus.

Whether there really exists a virus or not is still not clear and it seems rather strange that true advances have somehow been slowed.  Why? Who can say, but since it is the human mind that makes decisions based upon political and commercial expediency perhaps we can expect nothing better.

But although these things passed through my mind it was the suggestion that beetroot and garlic was a cure made an impression upon me. So here is a quick treatment.

sliced white or dark bread
cream cheese
garlic, peeled and sliced
cooked beetroot, coarsley grated
cheese, coarsely grated

Spread the cream cheese on the bread slice, cover with garlic slices. Top with grated beetroot and grated cheese.
Place under a hot grill for 7-8 minutes, until the open sandwich is warm and cheese begins to melt.

Certainly I believe that there is much more to the HIV issue than appears on the surface, but certainly there is nothing like healthy food to feed a healthy mind.

But that opens another issue.  Every time you eat beetroot, garlic or anything else that is fruit or vegetable then death is involved.  We don’t think of rooting up beetroot or garlic as involves death, but these were living plants until uprooted.

I am not suggesting that we starve. still. nothing can be done about death once these two precious root-like  plants have been torn away from their home.

What we can do however is be aware of how precious life  itself as we pull them up, as we buy them, as we cook them and most of all when we eat them.

Christians who are sincere give thanks to their God and the great celebration of the pagans on the change of seasons was also a thanksgiving in which nature was revered.  But what is the great advantage of these moments of reflection… It is very great, for only if you understand the planting of all seeds, their growth and their falling away can you really understand your own birth, life and death.

If you cannot appreciate the life and growth of every thing that has life no matter how insignificant, then you cannot really accept with feeble cognitive consciousness a true appreciation of your own life as part of the whole.

Why not also give a moments reflection to those that die from Aids. It is not so much their death that is so important, but the fact that they have never had a chance to learn to live.

So maybe they would also squander their lives like you probably do, chained to confusion, greed and aversion, dominated by the mind that is really only a tool.

So make that Beetroot and Garlic dish, and just once reflect upon what I have said here… Who knows your life might even make a change for the better and you will at least have acted as a human creature for a few moments in your life.


Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on September 2, 2010 by secretchan

My normal state is one of well being  and often that state takes a rapid flow upwards to awe when I encounter something new in nature.  Yesterday walking into an enclosed area on one small wall of the seminary I saw the wall full of passion flowers in bloom and then midst that host I saw two new elements; two orange like balls, rather like the Chinese lanterns we hung up as kids in a birthday celebration.

They were so light they could almost it seemed be carried off by the wind.  They were the fruit containing capsules of the passion flower. I had never seen them before and my first thought was colored with that wonder that way back behind held a fine thread of dread.

How can that awe which augers great beauty and wonder also be connected with dread?  The answer was clear of course.  It was a prehistoric experience, the wonder and the dread of encountering something so undescribable that drew one towards it and yet held such mystery that could be dangerous.

And really what great mystery is the diversity of the Life Force.

There in that orange fruit was all the information that gave growth, and the exact development and ttributs of that passion flower.  Everything around me… everything around you is replete with the results of the seed that was laid with potential for pefection.

Every orchid … every daisy …every tiger … every lamb … every Saint and every Sinner came from such a seed.

Yet every orchid, daisy, tiger, lamb, in fact every single living thing I have ever enountered is perfect. Each does what the seed has determined is correct and naturl… and yet somehow the human seed fail.

How can that be? Is it that the human creature is informed by his or her seed that lying, cheating, stealing killing deceiving and the like… destroying all other life forms and he environment that supports all is natural and correct.

Is the legendary God so perverse that he or she generated a  “natural eraser”.  Perhaps he saw an error in what he had built and decided to wipe it all out slowly so he couldn’t be blamed and generated man.

Or perhaps nature itself which has the potential to generate infinate life form through evolution simply evolved a creature with so great a potential for wisdom that the natural tool of dual thought generated the mistaken idea that he really existed as an independant creature.

Now there is an interesting thought that comes to mind… perhaps nature, had its own fail safe method to prevent such a potential “total destruct creature”  and gave us “death”.

But nature knows nothing of the future so we enter in  lottery… will the human creature himself self destruct before he destroys all other life forms.  I certainly hope so.

And with that hope, and the awe of discovering that passion flower gift, I wonder what I can do, for I can expect no one else to think how I would wish them to think. Well instead of eating the pasion fruit I can plant each one somewhere and give nature a one little push more.  Without changing natures “seed” plans I can save, nurture and generate conditions for every single life form that will help its survival.

What can I do for the human creature? … I can continue to teach  the Dharma of Chan and Dao… with only the minimal thread of hope that anyone will really listen… that anyone will really throw away all mundane happiness and the stained mind in order to encounter the truth inside and liberate the continual well being that at times flows upwards to bliss, rapture and awe that says “life is most precious when one looks behind the fables of the mind… There is only one path and all one has to do is silence the mind, listen and follow the Dharma message that is available for all if they have the will to stretch out their hands to grasp it and the guts to take a chance and flow with nature not against it.