A while ago, when I was still sufficiently brave to pit myself against all that the sea could offer and was too far away from shore to even see land at all, a small bird no bigger than my hand flew aboard,  landed on the boom and then fell to the deck.

There it lay in my hand and i tried to revive it, but it died…It felt rather sad at first … but I also saw the beauty in that death.

I found out with experience that many birds fly from boat to boat, and this had flown who knows how far and it gave its last breath to come aboard and die. I realized that that beautiful creature, still warm in myhand,  actully died doing just what it was born to do…and that is fly… because flying is the nature of a bird.

It died, and I wondered how I would die… Would I draw my last breath doing what a human creature was born to do.

If flying is a bird, what is a human creature when all the garbage is thrown out? What makes him particular or special in any way. He thinks, but can we say “Thinking is the human creature”.. I think not, for we know what our human thinking is doing to the world.

On reflection I see that the human creatures way of being is incorrect our true nature is to be the catalyst that perpetuates life… Now that does not mean that he invents and discovers  medicines to keep people alive beyond their natural span.  natural time. It means that his task is to perpetuate the diversity of life and the environment that supports all.

His way,  is to be the mother and father of all human creatures without exception… Isn’t that really what the Christians might call “being created in God’s image.” Isn’t that what Dao might call, ” being one with the dusty world”.  Isn’t that what those in Chan might call “seeing the one in all and the all in one.”

That is right, but that doesn’t mean a damned thing if you understand but don’t put it into practice in your life as the central “reason for being”.

That little creature came aboard and died  after flying…  I only hope that when my time comes I will have as noble a death. .. seeing the one in all , and all in one, while teaching others that noble truth…  What about you?


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