There is a fantastic canine called a Doberman, that enjoys a reputation for treachery and other negative traits.  Well we have in the seminary a doberman and his demeanor is rather that of calmness and affection. He is powerful, but at the same time gentle, and when I see him in his natural habitat, free in the countryside, amongst the flowers, I am reminded rather of Ferdinand the Bull, who refused to be involved in the bull ring, racing after a stupid piece of red cloth, only to meet his end at the point of a sword.

So I wondered about these bulls, that are certainly also powerful and I considered their propensity to fight.

They fight only when provoked and threatened in one way or another.

Seen in their correct environment whatever conflict that occurs is what nature intended. So what conclusions can we draw?

Man, the beligerent creature fights because he enjoys fighting…In fact when there is no conflict he will invent or provoke conflict. He provokes dogs to fight. He provokes cocks to fight… he provokes bulls to fight and he provokes other human creatures to fight.

Now why is that? It is because his inferiority requires self assertion. Just as the wall graffiti writer declares.. “see I exist”, so he must be violent to declare his own existence… watch the football fans and you will see the faces of inferiority. Wactch those who hate Jews and Arabs and you will see inferiority.  Watch those that fight within a family.  Read the chats and you will see inferiority.

Yet man does not need to experience that inferiority if he joins all of nature as part of that whole in which there can be no superiority nor inferiority.

Apollo our Doberman does not fight… He experiences neither superiority nor inferiority… neither does any other living animal except the human creature who searches eternally for his self hood that does not exist.


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