Eye, Aye, Aye

Nantou with a bone.

Today I took a look at Nantou,  Sharpei Champion who finally needed treatment for his eyes and I asked him rather a stupid question.

There he was laying down recovering slowly, but with an absolute trust in the human creatures around him that touch his dog heart.

I said, “How are you doing fellow,  are you seeing better?”

Then I realized that even if objectively his sight was better, there was no way he could know it. He sees at any moment just what  sees. There are no judgments about yesterday or tomorrow. there is what is.

He may indeed respond better to distant dogs, or even cats, but he doesn’t know that.

What a wonderful lesson of Dao and Chan about living in the present. How absolutely marvelous is every living animal, but one.

It was at that moment that I realized that no Awakening to any truth can arrive until there is a full integration with every living creature.

I thought of those that believe in  God and Creation.

What is God really, for a true believer. Not a face or form… God created man in his own image… And what was that image.. . The Force of Life… All life.

Al life means every living creature… You Christians or God believers wherever you are cannot know your God unless you can embrace the life force… which means every living animal.

That doesn’t mean cry buckets if you think they suffer… It doesn’t mean that there must be an intellectual understanding.. . It doesn’t mean they have to be beautiful.. It means just that they have life.. Just that. They have life … and if you can’t get down there on all fours and be equal with them  (knowing that we are inferior) then forget about your God because you have offended him.

You have to get into that life force of each animal… Not an easy task to be sure. You can’t even know what life is until you accomplish that.

But all in all, it is  an easier task than approaching the life force of the stained human minds about you.

Touch all animals with your own Shen spirit… the you finally can touch your own life force.

Be one and you will  cure yourself.


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