Yesterday while out walking not long after the rain I was delighted to find animal tracks.  There was no particular reason why, for I couldn’t identify them and the animal was long gone.

As I looked at the tracks I realized tht when the un came out they would be fixed in the mud, but with the next rain and a little wind, soon they would disappear.

I reflected then upon human footprints. Not the kind that we make in the sand with bare feet, nor those we make with our shoes in some maleable material, but the footprints of our lives.

I noticed as I reflected on my own past that thousnds of my footprints had been wshed out… They seemed important at the time.. . a diploma here and there, reviews in the press, investigation reports, scientific journal articles all were gradually being left behind dissapearing.

As I now write, what I say will dissappear soon, what I thought a moment ago has gone already.

Is there anything left behind of any human creature except occasionally a name and a possession. Who was Caesar… Napoleon..?  Do we know them? Their true footprints are lost. Those that have died for their countries are very soon forgotten. Perhaps someone in the future will collect their medals to sell.. Without a clue to how that footprint was left… And the buyer will not give a damn.

Photos, perhaps will remain, but who were they? What is behind those faces?.

And so as my footprints fade even as soon s I make them in eternal impermnance my body and mind as footprints also fade… Dust to dust.

Even the world itself will leave no footprint as it eventually falls apart or be burnt to a cinder.

Yet those few animal prints I saw yesterday were valuable to me for the moment, for I was and am as one with whatever creature left it… and it is no less important than I… and I no less important than it… But we share this same world and eventually all our footprints will meld.

What the famous have accomplish  and the notorious will fade. Their rewards and punishments are equal really for they are only ideas and concepts.

So why look behind.. at fading footprints … look ahead… not far, just far enough to place your footprint down nobly and correctly just like that animal that left his mark for me with no thought at all whether anyone will ever see it.


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