Here we are again. happy as can be. All good fellows jolly fine company.

That was an old song that just jumped to mind and in an instant I realized that indeed we may be here again, but we are as human creatures not as happy as can be and truly not at all fine compny.

Here we are each gong our own way without really much concern about anyone else. Sure we have our petty and fragile alliances, but not much more and we surround ourselves with thousands of possessions. Yes we are really pathetic creatures.

There are better and worse I suppose, but really when you sort of stand back you can really experience our unimportance.

Yesterday I accidently killed an animal by making  wrong decision. I`m not culpable, but I am responsible for the outcome.

It made me feel the importance of correct action on one hand and yet paradoxically the unimportance of all that we do, from inventing the best microchip in the world to pissing against the wind.

Then I realized that one of the only valid thing my puny mind does that has any sort of value is to see the intrisic beauty of every living thing… and so my mind returns again to my error and I see that as a result of killing even the most apparently insignificant microbe the world is less beautiful.

Yet I cannot say that the loss of a human life makes the world a less beautiful place.

Yet here I go again writing insignificant trivia for an insignificant number of insignificant people, while the life force continues to struggle maintaining the only truly beautiful thing…non sentient life.

Yet I see a child, still with innocence not yet completely destroyed and I see a happy face. What a pity we cannot all remain children… very young children.


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