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Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on August 30, 2010 by secretchan

A while ago, when I was still sufficiently brave to pit myself against all that the sea could offer and was too far away from shore to even see land at all, a small bird no bigger than my hand flew aboard,  landed on the boom and then fell to the deck.

There it lay in my hand and i tried to revive it, but it died…It felt rather sad at first … but I also saw the beauty in that death.

I found out with experience that many birds fly from boat to boat, and this had flown who knows how far and it gave its last breath to come aboard and die. I realized that that beautiful creature, still warm in myhand,  actully died doing just what it was born to do…and that is fly… because flying is the nature of a bird.

It died, and I wondered how I would die… Would I draw my last breath doing what a human creature was born to do.

If flying is a bird, what is a human creature when all the garbage is thrown out? What makes him particular or special in any way. He thinks, but can we say “Thinking is the human creature”.. I think not, for we know what our human thinking is doing to the world.

On reflection I see that the human creatures way of being is incorrect our true nature is to be the catalyst that perpetuates life… Now that does not mean that he invents and discovers  medicines to keep people alive beyond their natural span.  natural time. It means that his task is to perpetuate the diversity of life and the environment that supports all.

His way,  is to be the mother and father of all human creatures without exception… Isn’t that really what the Christians might call “being created in God’s image.” Isn’t that what Dao might call, ” being one with the dusty world”.  Isn’t that what those in Chan might call “seeing the one in all and the all in one.”

That is right, but that doesn’t mean a damned thing if you understand but don’t put it into practice in your life as the central “reason for being”.

That little creature came aboard and died  after flying…  I only hope that when my time comes I will have as noble a death. .. seeing the one in all , and all in one, while teaching others that noble truth…  What about you?



Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on August 24, 2010 by secretchan

There is a fantastic canine called a Doberman, that enjoys a reputation for treachery and other negative traits.  Well we have in the seminary a doberman and his demeanor is rather that of calmness and affection. He is powerful, but at the same time gentle, and when I see him in his natural habitat, free in the countryside, amongst the flowers, I am reminded rather of Ferdinand the Bull, who refused to be involved in the bull ring, racing after a stupid piece of red cloth, only to meet his end at the point of a sword.

So I wondered about these bulls, that are certainly also powerful and I considered their propensity to fight.

They fight only when provoked and threatened in one way or another.

Seen in their correct environment whatever conflict that occurs is what nature intended. So what conclusions can we draw?

Man, the beligerent creature fights because he enjoys fighting…In fact when there is no conflict he will invent or provoke conflict. He provokes dogs to fight. He provokes cocks to fight… he provokes bulls to fight and he provokes other human creatures to fight.

Now why is that? It is because his inferiority requires self assertion. Just as the wall graffiti writer declares.. “see I exist”, so he must be violent to declare his own existence… watch the football fans and you will see the faces of inferiority. Wactch those who hate Jews and Arabs and you will see inferiority.  Watch those that fight within a family.  Read the chats and you will see inferiority.

Yet man does not need to experience that inferiority if he joins all of nature as part of that whole in which there can be no superiority nor inferiority.

Apollo our Doberman does not fight… He experiences neither superiority nor inferiority… neither does any other living animal except the human creature who searches eternally for his self hood that does not exist.

Eye, Aye, Aye

Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on August 22, 2010 by secretchan

Nantou with a bone.

Today I took a look at Nantou,  Sharpei Champion who finally needed treatment for his eyes and I asked him rather a stupid question.

There he was laying down recovering slowly, but with an absolute trust in the human creatures around him that touch his dog heart.

I said, “How are you doing fellow,  are you seeing better?”

Then I realized that even if objectively his sight was better, there was no way he could know it. He sees at any moment just what  sees. There are no judgments about yesterday or tomorrow. there is what is.

He may indeed respond better to distant dogs, or even cats, but he doesn’t know that.

What a wonderful lesson of Dao and Chan about living in the present. How absolutely marvelous is every living animal, but one.

It was at that moment that I realized that no Awakening to any truth can arrive until there is a full integration with every living creature.

I thought of those that believe in  God and Creation.

What is God really, for a true believer. Not a face or form… God created man in his own image… And what was that image.. . The Force of Life… All life.

Al life means every living creature… You Christians or God believers wherever you are cannot know your God unless you can embrace the life force… which means every living animal.

That doesn’t mean cry buckets if you think they suffer… It doesn’t mean that there must be an intellectual understanding.. . It doesn’t mean they have to be beautiful.. It means just that they have life.. Just that. They have life … and if you can’t get down there on all fours and be equal with them  (knowing that we are inferior) then forget about your God because you have offended him.

You have to get into that life force of each animal… Not an easy task to be sure. You can’t even know what life is until you accomplish that.

But all in all, it is  an easier task than approaching the life force of the stained human minds about you.

Touch all animals with your own Shen spirit… the you finally can touch your own life force.

Be one and you will  cure yourself.


Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on August 18, 2010 by secretchan

Yesterday while out walking not long after the rain I was delighted to find animal tracks.  There was no particular reason why, for I couldn’t identify them and the animal was long gone.

As I looked at the tracks I realized tht when the un came out they would be fixed in the mud, but with the next rain and a little wind, soon they would disappear.

I reflected then upon human footprints. Not the kind that we make in the sand with bare feet, nor those we make with our shoes in some maleable material, but the footprints of our lives.

I noticed as I reflected on my own past that thousnds of my footprints had been wshed out… They seemed important at the time.. . a diploma here and there, reviews in the press, investigation reports, scientific journal articles all were gradually being left behind dissapearing.

As I now write, what I say will dissappear soon, what I thought a moment ago has gone already.

Is there anything left behind of any human creature except occasionally a name and a possession. Who was Caesar… Napoleon..?  Do we know them? Their true footprints are lost. Those that have died for their countries are very soon forgotten. Perhaps someone in the future will collect their medals to sell.. Without a clue to how that footprint was left… And the buyer will not give a damn.

Photos, perhaps will remain, but who were they? What is behind those faces?.

And so as my footprints fade even as soon s I make them in eternal impermnance my body and mind as footprints also fade… Dust to dust.

Even the world itself will leave no footprint as it eventually falls apart or be burnt to a cinder.

Yet those few animal prints I saw yesterday were valuable to me for the moment, for I was and am as one with whatever creature left it… and it is no less important than I… and I no less important than it… But we share this same world and eventually all our footprints will meld.

What the famous have accomplish  and the notorious will fade. Their rewards and punishments are equal really for they are only ideas and concepts.

So why look behind.. at fading footprints … look ahead… not far, just far enough to place your footprint down nobly and correctly just like that animal that left his mark for me with no thought at all whether anyone will ever see it.


Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on August 11, 2010 by secretchan

Here we are again. happy as can be. All good fellows jolly fine company.

That was an old song that just jumped to mind and in an instant I realized that indeed we may be here again, but we are as human creatures not as happy as can be and truly not at all fine compny.

Here we are each gong our own way without really much concern about anyone else. Sure we have our petty and fragile alliances, but not much more and we surround ourselves with thousands of possessions. Yes we are really pathetic creatures.

There are better and worse I suppose, but really when you sort of stand back you can really experience our unimportance.

Yesterday I accidently killed an animal by making  wrong decision. I`m not culpable, but I am responsible for the outcome.

It made me feel the importance of correct action on one hand and yet paradoxically the unimportance of all that we do, from inventing the best microchip in the world to pissing against the wind.

Then I realized that one of the only valid thing my puny mind does that has any sort of value is to see the intrisic beauty of every living thing… and so my mind returns again to my error and I see that as a result of killing even the most apparently insignificant microbe the world is less beautiful.

Yet I cannot say that the loss of a human life makes the world a less beautiful place.

Yet here I go again writing insignificant trivia for an insignificant number of insignificant people, while the life force continues to struggle maintaining the only truly beautiful thing…non sentient life.

Yet I see a child, still with innocence not yet completely destroyed and I see a happy face. What a pity we cannot all remain children… very young children.