There was a young fellow, quite intelligent, who had an accident with his car and his best friend aboard was as a result in an irreversible coma.

He pleaded with hundreds of doctors to do something… None could do a thing or even suggest anything, but finally he found a brilliant doctor/ scientist  acting in a clandestine manner with the sale of brains to zoos and universities.

The doctor took him into  secret laboratory and on the shelves were hundreds of brains within large bottles of formaldehyde.

The doctor said I only have two modern human brains here and you are fortunate they are only fifty dollars apiece, including the surgery.

The young man was shocked and said, “what about all these other brains” ,

The doctor said, ” they are marvelous. Here for example is that of an orangutang ,,, and here a spider monkey.”

Surprised at the low price of the human brain,  he wondered how cheap the doctor was selling the other primate brains for to the zoos.

The doctor said, ” they are a million dollars each.”

“That’s unbelievable,” said the youth, thinking he had heard the price of the human brain in error.

“Why is the human brain so cheap,” he asked.

Ah said the scientist… “all modern human brains are cheap… There’s nothing valuable in there.”


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