Short but not sweet.

Today I had the misfortune to visit a vet … and the charge was 80 Dollars for less than an hour and I was then told that an operation to lift the lids of a Sharpei’s eyes (and we have three rescued from inferno), for inturned eyelids, was more than  thousand dollars each.

I wondered then about the thousands of animals that live with the poor.  They must live without their animals having good care, for certainly they can’t afford those prices.

Now those sort of prices would be all and well if the “woman working in the supermarket”;”the guy that tends the garden or “the pensioner on the corner” was getting that same income… but they are not… Why such a difference?   Will the dog of Brad Pitt (if he has one) be neglected for lack of filthy gold… I think not…  Does the vet have greater training than a teacher or greter responsibilty than a fire fighter?

I thought then of  grave robbers… You know, those who in the old days robbed human graves and sold the bodies and why I don`t know, but these  “humane modern professionals” seem to be as bad, for although they are not taking human corpses from a grave, they are putting live “companions for the poor”  into early graves, so to speak… They are Early Grave Fillers.

Well what more can be said? … We all know that money makes the world go round… unfortunately the wrong way. Yet  these professionals seem  proud of their profession…many without a deeper consciousness. ..More is the pity.

I wonder if the time capsules that we are so fond of shooting off into space really ever shows the face of greed, apathy and folly of the human race. I think not.


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