Watching a pair of dogs playing today, I knew that that was in great part a preparation for their hunting and mating functions, whether confined in the prison of domesticity or not.

They do not, of course require an excuse to play. It simply occurs when the situation presents itself. Not all animals play, but when they do, it is balanced and healthy.

Then I wondered about human playing… Is there too a physiological urge to play to prepare ourselves for the future where mental or physical prowess is necessary. It seems not for we ply only to enjoy and to win.

In fact it is clear that the human Identity has closed off every beautiful attribute that may have come to us from evolution. In fact thinking about it we don’t even play much… We have become play watchers…We watch all manner of team sports and other athletic events.

Why I wonder?

Then I considered the sport fans of the world and noted the vile mindlessnss in the blogs and the violence of the mind and I realized what the problem is.

Why do tens of thousands rant and rave if the team they support is a winner?

It is not that their tem has won it is becuse another opponent has lost… They actually have great hatred for the losers, depending how powerful the loser is.

Here in Cataluña, Spain… They go wild if Barcelona wins… lunatic wild…Then I suddenly realized why. Catalans are great haters… they hate silently and don’t let it out until its legitimate.  In fact when I look at it, human beings are all great haters.

Life is  great problem for almost all…relations don’t work, work is inadequate … there is less sense to living as one grows older… In fact they hate so many things and the list every day gets larger and the negative energy every day contines and the  hatred causes greater stress and illness and more that can be hated, ad infinitum.

You can’t go out there and hate everything so “Sport Support” legitimizes hatred.  Furthermore sport must foment hatred so that society can keep the lid on discontent.

Hate Madrid and you get all that hatred out and suppress the hatred of your mate … or hatred for your work … or your neighbor… or getting old and uglier… hate … hate … and when there is a space let Greed in, but since you can’t have it all Hate that too.  Then become confused and begin hating yourself.

Hate the Jews, why not?… you can do that and not get burnt out if you are a sports fan… then you can go back and enjoy hating again and again. What you should really do is see what you really hate… your own life of folly.

Watch those kittens again… They play and frolic.  They do not hate.

When was the last time you really enjoyed playing and frolicking without your foolish Identity Ego getting involved.  When was the last time that a small  thread of hate did not wriggle into your stained mind?

A long time ago…, a long time ago.

Do you hate being told this… just a small thread of hate perhaps.

Freedom? Yes a long time ago.


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