Many years ago I saw a story on television that was memorable, but I have forgotten both the name of the film and the actors, which matters not a whit.

Anyway the story was about a prisoner who had been a scientist and had killed two men who were harming gorillas that he was studying.

There is nothing too strange in that I suppose for any animal lover, but the impressive scene was the moment when he was close in their association and it began to rain with tropical fury.

He hurriedly sought shelter beneath a tree and covered his head with great leaves and then looked over to the gorillas.

They were continuing their tasks as if nothing had happened at all. I cannot convey the scene well, but in that moment (I believe the actor was Antony Hopkins, perhaps not) the realization of his folly came down upon him.

But more than that he realized how completely foolish all human creatures are. From that moment he ceased being an observer of Gorillas and became “as one” with them.

What had happened exactly?

He saw the “me and mine” in his comportment, and aw it as a great debility to true understanding.  He had never studied the Gorillas before because he could never understand them without understanding himself.

Life, he saw was survival, but survival was not as he imagined.  it was not the truggle that he had seen before at all. It was the quiet mindfulness of the moment without expectation and without confusion. There is no “doubt” in the animals mind even when there is “indecision”. for they do not concern themselves with outcome.

There is no “greed”, even when there is the need for possession, for there is no “mine” in animal possession.  There is no “aversion” even in combat for survival, dominance and food, for there is no “self” and no “other”.

That is a subtle difference that separates natural behaviour from human un natural behavior.  Sure, that ability to differentiate a “self” appears important, but there can be an observing and a correct response without there being an observer.

Of course, we loose all “suffering” for there is no one to suffer… and we loose “happiness”.   We gain instead a constant well being, even during the most violet tropical storm that can assail us in civilization.

A difficult task, but well worth the effort for just becoming one with all living things is worth the difficulty in arriving at that point and the sacrifices made.

By the way. What was your impression of the Gorilla above… Angry, violent perhaps….. No,  just yawning….  Can you see how your mind can quickly decide something in error?


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