The seminary, on the edge of a natural forest in the hills, consists of two buildings about 50 yards apart and since we are advocates of nature and don’t believe in the concept of weeds, when one walks between the two buildings one is greeted in the early morning by an incredible variety of plants which are continually blooming in their season, changing the landscape.

In the midst of such beauty, when the stained mind has not begun to intrude upon its natural functions, the experience is one of awe and wonder.  I wondered this morning, for a moment, why not one flower could be considered more beautiful than another and then curiously what was the ugliest flower that existed.

I could find not one which was ugly, which without doubt will surprise no reader… So my thoughts turned to the early morning world of creatures that were not part of the plant world. There were ants, beetles of many sorts, butterflies, praying mantises … and more and more… and not one was in the slightest ugly.

I looked at the mountains, the hills and the moving clouds and there was no ugliness and, remembering raging winds and falling trees, and there was no ugliness.

Then where was ugliness ?  In the eyes of the beholder, like beauty… perhaps, but I felt that there really was ugliness somewhere.

I remembered that in the real world of stains there were even ugliness contests for humans, but although I could define one human form as more agreeable than another, as I could identify one flower smell as more agreeable than another, I still could not touch this ugliness.

Then I found it. The ugliness was only in one place… It was not in the human mind as a concept… it was the way that the human mind manifested itself in the world.

That was ugliness.  The fool that hurts a dog has an ugly mind that causes repulsion in me… The mind that can torture another is an ugly mind and repulses me… the mind that is a violator repulses me… the mind that drives its car unto the sidewalk blocking the path of a mother with a pram, is an ugly mind… the raving mind at a football game is an ugly mind… the mind that separates a black from a white or any other is an ugly mind… The mind that sees Arabs and Jews is an empty and ugly mind.

Yet in all the flowers I have had the great fortune  to encounterI have seen not one element of ugliness. In the ocean in one moment, close to the rocks at Hatteress, our small wooden sailboat surrounded by sharks in a storm and I found no ugliness.

Where on earth can one find a human mind that is not ugly?

There are human minds I suppose,  that are less ugly than others and in truth I suppose each man and each woman can see themselves if they try as less ugly than another, but where is the mind free of ugliness? I see the Pope’s mind as ugly, the Dali Lama’s mind as ugly and, how can that be,  the President of the United States’ mind as ugly.

Where today, in the world  is the mind that is not ugly in some way… perhaps somewhere I can find such a mind. Where I am not sure… but I cannot find a flower or a living animal with the slightest stain.

Then the final thought came to me before I became once more merged with nature… Among the human dead, there is not one ugly mind.


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