This morning I awoke and at seven it is fresh, cool and comforting and at that time the world still seems asleep in the countryside and there is no hurry in walking through the mass of wild flowers and the tall grass.

I noticed one remarkable plant with a mass of unusual flowers climbing up the stone wall of the building where the dogs sometimes rest to get out out of the sun, and I remembered actually planting it without expectations last year and now the wall was emblazoned with passion flowers.

The strange thing was that the mass of leaves and flowers, perhaps by the nature of being a climbing plant, lost its particularity.  It became all flowers, and then all life. I could actually see its past present and future within the  husks of the seeds in the ground. It was all there.

In every single seed there was all life, all life that was and will ever be… and in that total image of all past present and future life was every single seed.  There was nothing separated… nothing could grow anew, for it was all there in the first living seed of  life and nothing could die, for it all continued.

The problem for most people I saw was that they saw the particular and nothing more. The passion flower was a flower then that lived and died… the passion plant was a plant that lived and died, all plants were plants that lived and died, and all life lived and died.  What  a pity and what a shallow view. Life is splendid in and of itself, and while any thing lives, all things live and will always live, for the one contains the many and the many contains the one.

Only then, when percieving that,  can any human creature  actually become one with nature. The individual differences flow and change, but life is never destroyed until that last and thus the first seed no longer exists.

And then of course I saw that there was just one possibility of death… the destruction of the last seed and I saw how, or rather, by whose hands that last seed could be destroyed… By my hands… because my hands are contained in all hands and all hands are contained in mine… My hands were destroying life. Gradually, surely, my hands were strangling nature.

It was then I saw that the  only hope was to make my hands work to continue the life force, for in my hands were the same seeds of life that were in all hands. All I had to do was somehow let all see that in their own life, yes actually within them, was contained all life and within the vision of all life every single particular element of life was their life.  Not a new idea of course.

Killing one element is an act rather like killing every element.

But now my resolve was even greater to cry out in the wilderness even though perhaps few listen and tell all to cry out too, loud and clear, and perhaps one day everyone will see all life  as one, will percieve that  that one life contains the image of all particular individual differences.

hello passion flower, hello all life….. hello life, hello every single living thing that can possibly ever exist…

Hello living human creatures. Hello destructor of all life, see that you are slowly destroying yourself.


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