Is it possible for an animal to go mad, that is,  generate what appears to be insane behavior?

What would I consider insane?

Well, for example, recently, a young man of just 21 years  in Staunton, Virginia, was accused of killing his girlfriend’s kitten by hurling it against a wall after the kitten disconnected the video game he was playing.

That I would consider insane.

Have you seen the videos of the massacre of baby seals or the …. I could go on and on.

There have been many killings involving fans of rival football teams and players have even been assassinated in association football (soccer).

Mass insanity. Naturally, at least in the human creature.

In the recent gaining of the World cup, in major cities up to a half a million fans gathered to cheer and clebrate the win of 25 multimillionares of Spain who beat 25 multi millionarios of Holland.

While they did so somewhere in the world people were being violated, assasinated and tortured. Not one thought went towards them. No doubt the beer sellers were happy too.

That is not new.  I remember in Argentina, when Argentina was busy winning the world cup. At that very moment, selected victims  were being  being gathered, tortured and assasinated, never to be seen again.  Multiple madness.

I need not mention the National Socialist SS. in Germany or other pogroms.

Are we then so pre occupied with our confusion, greed and aversion that we must hurt others.  In truth suicide appears not as insane.

I cannot imagine any other creature reaching the level of  insanity that the human creature can reach.

Lemmings, throwing themselves on sandy beaches may appear insane and the final acts of Salmon on returning to their birth sites, only being eaten as a reward,  may appear savage, but nature has its life survival reasons even when we cannot see them.

But human behavior, even for most of,  us day by day, appears to reek of insanity.

How is insanity defined?

It is a relatively permanent disorder of the mind.

Why would the human creature only thinking of his present personal gain be ready to destroy the future of every living thing.

That is madness. That is the human creature alright.


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