Perhaps the most astute will recognize the tracks of this animal, or.  perhaps not,  for although I am as much as possible aware  of animal tracks in the countryside, realizing that none rupture the image that nature presents, I see here an exception.

The foxes thin tracks through grass, the paw prints of wild dogs, the shuffle tracks of snakes, all blend with all else that nature provides.

The tracks shown above are “Rover” tracks, and we all know what animal Rover is. That mechanical Mars invader generated by man.

There are his tracks right enough on a pretty virgin planet of great divides and craters, bordering the great crater.

The animal tracks that I am familiar with are always related to movements in search of food, water, shelter or mating.

I don’t think Rover mates and food, water and shelter are not its objective for wheeling about.

Neither is Rover there marking its territory… Why then is it there?

Curiosity and creativity?… How wonderful…. but hidden there is there yet a tinge of “lets see what advantage we can get from this”.   Perhaps indeed there is more than a tinge.

I hope that I am wrong.


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