Today I saw a small vidio clip entitled “Disgusting Maggots ground plane”, and I wondered what had happened .

It appears that a passenger noticed a couple of flies on a Monday flight when she got to her seat, but didn’t think much of it. Then, as the plane was taxiing, she heard a passenger behind her causing a commotion,  refusing to take her seat.

“Bugs just began to fall out of the overhead compartment, and they tried to get us to sit there, but it was evident they were right behind us in our seat,” said one alarmed passenger

The pilot announced that they were returning  because of a “minor emergency on board” and the flight attendants told everyone to sit down and be calm, Adamo said.

Once the plane returned to the gate, the passengers were asked to get off, and a crew boarded to clean up the mess.

Nothing much I suppose except a great loss of fuel and energy, but then I wondered why a maggot would be considered disgusting.

I know disgust may occur when witnessing some moral offense  and that disgust may occur when one finds something highly offensive; arousing aversion.

I can say then that human unthinking behavior towards all animals and indeed other human creatures disgusts me.  I can say that the globalized mind, politicians, and mindless violence disgusts me, but maggots no, no matter where they may be.

Did you know that certain live maggots have been employed since antiquity as an economical, safe and effective type of wound cleaning.

In controlled and sterile settings  licensed  practitioners use “Maggot Therapy”,  introduces live,  disinfected maggots into non-healing skin or soft wounds of a human or other animal.

They eat the dead old tissue, leaving the live tissue alone.  As of 2008, maggot therapy was being used in around 1,000 medical centers in Europe and over 800 medical centers in the States,

I doubt that many human creatures have aided others in the un-altruistic way of these maggots.   Yet they are considered Disgusting.

What is it exactly that is offensive… Is it the wriggling and their squirming… I have been more disgusted at a discotheque to see many of the mindless jerky gyrations that bring ego pleasure to some dancers.

Is it the the fact that there are so many of them?  I am more disgusted by the quantity of cars I see on a busy afternoon on any freeway.

Is it because they seem rather confused and don’t seem to really know what they are doing… massing about?  Need I speak about my disgust for people greedy in intent at a Summer sale.

All in all, I see these maggots as beautifully evolved  creatures doing their utmost to survive correctly, which is more than I can say for most human creatures.

I tried to find a poem about maggots… I found none. Perhaps some day someone awakened will write,

Ode to a Maggot.

I think I will have to wait for a long time.


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