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There was a young fellow, quite intelligent, who had an accident with his car and his best friend aboard was as a result in an irreversible coma.

He pleaded with hundreds of doctors to do something… None could do a thing or even suggest anything, but finally he found a brilliant doctor/ scientist  acting in a clandestine manner with the sale of brains to zoos and universities.

The doctor took him into  secret laboratory and on the shelves were hundreds of brains within large bottles of formaldehyde.

The doctor said I only have two modern human brains here and you are fortunate they are only fifty dollars apiece, including the surgery.

The young man was shocked and said, “what about all these other brains” ,

The doctor said, ” they are marvelous. Here for example is that of an orangutang ,,, and here a spider monkey.”

Surprised at the low price of the human brain,  he wondered how cheap the doctor was selling the other primate brains for to the zoos.

The doctor said, ” they are a million dollars each.”

“That’s unbelievable,” said the youth, thinking he had heard the price of the human brain in error.

“Why is the human brain so cheap,” he asked.

Ah said the scientist… “all modern human brains are cheap… There’s nothing valuable in there.”



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Short but not sweet.

Today I had the misfortune to visit a vet … and the charge was 80 Dollars for less than an hour and I was then told that an operation to lift the lids of a Sharpei’s eyes (and we have three rescued from inferno), for inturned eyelids, was more than  thousand dollars each.

I wondered then about the thousands of animals that live with the poor.  They must live without their animals having good care, for certainly they can’t afford those prices.

Now those sort of prices would be all and well if the “woman working in the supermarket”;”the guy that tends the garden or “the pensioner on the corner” was getting that same income… but they are not… Why such a difference?   Will the dog of Brad Pitt (if he has one) be neglected for lack of filthy gold… I think not…  Does the vet have greater training than a teacher or greter responsibilty than a fire fighter?

I thought then of  grave robbers… You know, those who in the old days robbed human graves and sold the bodies and why I don`t know, but these  “humane modern professionals” seem to be as bad, for although they are not taking human corpses from a grave, they are putting live “companions for the poor”  into early graves, so to speak… They are Early Grave Fillers.

Well what more can be said? … We all know that money makes the world go round… unfortunately the wrong way. Yet  these professionals seem  proud of their profession…many without a deeper consciousness. ..More is the pity.

I wonder if the time capsules that we are so fond of shooting off into space really ever shows the face of greed, apathy and folly of the human race. I think not.


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I don’t think that many have seen Gremlins, although I heard a great deal about them when I was with the air force, and without any doubt, although they are shy, when they leave their tracks you know it,  for there is some sort of trouble around the corner.

Many will laugh and say it is all superstition and imagination, but a team of anthropologists has found a group  not seen alive in 85 years.  They were hiding  at a mountaintop in a cloud forest in Indonesia. They are about the size of a small mouse and weigh less than two ounces.

In 2000, two Indonesian scientists who were trapping rats on Mt. Rore Katimbo in Indonesia, reported they had accidentally trapped and unfortunately killed one.

They are a primate, but they have claws and long legs that allow them to bound from place to place… wing tip to wing tip perhaps. .

They are adapted for the night, their big eyes do not move, but they can turn their heads 180 degrees.

During the day, the nocturnal creatures tuck into hollowed-out places.

The scientists want to call them  pygmy tarsiers (Tarsius pumilus), but we know different, they are Gremlins, for when the human creature wants to blame something on someone they are called upon.

When you lie, it must be the pygmy tarsair, the mental gremlin that is responsible… Polution, do you cause that… No No No… it must be the pygmy tarsair, the lazy gremlin, the mindless gremlin or the plain stupid gremlin.

Actually I am beginning to wonder if we have a human mind at all… perhaps we have Gremlin mind…for their reputation is that of a destroyer … with a masked innocence of course.

Look at your Gremlin Mind, you may think it “right on”, but it really makes the demons of hell appear tame.


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Watching a pair of dogs playing today, I knew that that was in great part a preparation for their hunting and mating functions, whether confined in the prison of domesticity or not.

They do not, of course require an excuse to play. It simply occurs when the situation presents itself. Not all animals play, but when they do, it is balanced and healthy.

Then I wondered about human playing… Is there too a physiological urge to play to prepare ourselves for the future where mental or physical prowess is necessary. It seems not for we ply only to enjoy and to win.

In fact it is clear that the human Identity has closed off every beautiful attribute that may have come to us from evolution. In fact thinking about it we don’t even play much… We have become play watchers…We watch all manner of team sports and other athletic events.

Why I wonder?

Then I considered the sport fans of the world and noted the vile mindlessnss in the blogs and the violence of the mind and I realized what the problem is.

Why do tens of thousands rant and rave if the team they support is a winner?

It is not that their tem has won it is becuse another opponent has lost… They actually have great hatred for the losers, depending how powerful the loser is.

Here in Cataluña, Spain… They go wild if Barcelona wins… lunatic wild…Then I suddenly realized why. Catalans are great haters… they hate silently and don’t let it out until its legitimate.  In fact when I look at it, human beings are all great haters.

Life is  great problem for almost all…relations don’t work, work is inadequate … there is less sense to living as one grows older… In fact they hate so many things and the list every day gets larger and the negative energy every day contines and the  hatred causes greater stress and illness and more that can be hated, ad infinitum.

You can’t go out there and hate everything so “Sport Support” legitimizes hatred.  Furthermore sport must foment hatred so that society can keep the lid on discontent.

Hate Madrid and you get all that hatred out and suppress the hatred of your mate … or hatred for your work … or your neighbor… or getting old and uglier… hate … hate … and when there is a space let Greed in, but since you can’t have it all Hate that too.  Then become confused and begin hating yourself.

Hate the Jews, why not?… you can do that and not get burnt out if you are a sports fan… then you can go back and enjoy hating again and again. What you should really do is see what you really hate… your own life of folly.

Watch those kittens again… They play and frolic.  They do not hate.

When was the last time you really enjoyed playing and frolicking without your foolish Identity Ego getting involved.  When was the last time that a small  thread of hate did not wriggle into your stained mind?

A long time ago…, a long time ago.

Do you hate being told this… just a small thread of hate perhaps.

Freedom? Yes a long time ago.


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Many years ago I saw a story on television that was memorable, but I have forgotten both the name of the film and the actors, which matters not a whit.

Anyway the story was about a prisoner who had been a scientist and had killed two men who were harming gorillas that he was studying.

There is nothing too strange in that I suppose for any animal lover, but the impressive scene was the moment when he was close in their association and it began to rain with tropical fury.

He hurriedly sought shelter beneath a tree and covered his head with great leaves and then looked over to the gorillas.

They were continuing their tasks as if nothing had happened at all. I cannot convey the scene well, but in that moment (I believe the actor was Antony Hopkins, perhaps not) the realization of his folly came down upon him.

But more than that he realized how completely foolish all human creatures are. From that moment he ceased being an observer of Gorillas and became “as one” with them.

What had happened exactly?

He saw the “me and mine” in his comportment, and aw it as a great debility to true understanding.  He had never studied the Gorillas before because he could never understand them without understanding himself.

Life, he saw was survival, but survival was not as he imagined.  it was not the truggle that he had seen before at all. It was the quiet mindfulness of the moment without expectation and without confusion. There is no “doubt” in the animals mind even when there is “indecision”. for they do not concern themselves with outcome.

There is no “greed”, even when there is the need for possession, for there is no “mine” in animal possession.  There is no “aversion” even in combat for survival, dominance and food, for there is no “self” and no “other”.

That is a subtle difference that separates natural behaviour from human un natural behavior.  Sure, that ability to differentiate a “self” appears important, but there can be an observing and a correct response without there being an observer.

Of course, we loose all “suffering” for there is no one to suffer… and we loose “happiness”.   We gain instead a constant well being, even during the most violet tropical storm that can assail us in civilization.

A difficult task, but well worth the effort for just becoming one with all living things is worth the difficulty in arriving at that point and the sacrifices made.

By the way. What was your impression of the Gorilla above… Angry, violent perhaps….. No,  just yawning….  Can you see how your mind can quickly decide something in error?


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The seminary, on the edge of a natural forest in the hills, consists of two buildings about 50 yards apart and since we are advocates of nature and don’t believe in the concept of weeds, when one walks between the two buildings one is greeted in the early morning by an incredible variety of plants which are continually blooming in their season, changing the landscape.

In the midst of such beauty, when the stained mind has not begun to intrude upon its natural functions, the experience is one of awe and wonder.  I wondered this morning, for a moment, why not one flower could be considered more beautiful than another and then curiously what was the ugliest flower that existed.

I could find not one which was ugly, which without doubt will surprise no reader… So my thoughts turned to the early morning world of creatures that were not part of the plant world. There were ants, beetles of many sorts, butterflies, praying mantises … and more and more… and not one was in the slightest ugly.

I looked at the mountains, the hills and the moving clouds and there was no ugliness and, remembering raging winds and falling trees, and there was no ugliness.

Then where was ugliness ?  In the eyes of the beholder, like beauty… perhaps, but I felt that there really was ugliness somewhere.

I remembered that in the real world of stains there were even ugliness contests for humans, but although I could define one human form as more agreeable than another, as I could identify one flower smell as more agreeable than another, I still could not touch this ugliness.

Then I found it. The ugliness was only in one place… It was not in the human mind as a concept… it was the way that the human mind manifested itself in the world.

That was ugliness.  The fool that hurts a dog has an ugly mind that causes repulsion in me… The mind that can torture another is an ugly mind and repulses me… the mind that is a violator repulses me… the mind that drives its car unto the sidewalk blocking the path of a mother with a pram, is an ugly mind… the raving mind at a football game is an ugly mind… the mind that separates a black from a white or any other is an ugly mind… The mind that sees Arabs and Jews is an empty and ugly mind.

Yet in all the flowers I have had the great fortune  to encounterI have seen not one element of ugliness. In the ocean in one moment, close to the rocks at Hatteress, our small wooden sailboat surrounded by sharks in a storm and I found no ugliness.

Where on earth can one find a human mind that is not ugly?

There are human minds I suppose,  that are less ugly than others and in truth I suppose each man and each woman can see themselves if they try as less ugly than another, but where is the mind free of ugliness? I see the Pope’s mind as ugly, the Dali Lama’s mind as ugly and, how can that be,  the President of the United States’ mind as ugly.

Where today, in the world  is the mind that is not ugly in some way… perhaps somewhere I can find such a mind. Where I am not sure… but I cannot find a flower or a living animal with the slightest stain.

Then the final thought came to me before I became once more merged with nature… Among the human dead, there is not one ugly mind.


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This morning I awoke and at seven it is fresh, cool and comforting and at that time the world still seems asleep in the countryside and there is no hurry in walking through the mass of wild flowers and the tall grass.

I noticed one remarkable plant with a mass of unusual flowers climbing up the stone wall of the building where the dogs sometimes rest to get out out of the sun, and I remembered actually planting it without expectations last year and now the wall was emblazoned with passion flowers.

The strange thing was that the mass of leaves and flowers, perhaps by the nature of being a climbing plant, lost its particularity.  It became all flowers, and then all life. I could actually see its past present and future within the  husks of the seeds in the ground. It was all there.

In every single seed there was all life, all life that was and will ever be… and in that total image of all past present and future life was every single seed.  There was nothing separated… nothing could grow anew, for it was all there in the first living seed of  life and nothing could die, for it all continued.

The problem for most people I saw was that they saw the particular and nothing more. The passion flower was a flower then that lived and died… the passion plant was a plant that lived and died, all plants were plants that lived and died, and all life lived and died.  What  a pity and what a shallow view. Life is splendid in and of itself, and while any thing lives, all things live and will always live, for the one contains the many and the many contains the one.

Only then, when percieving that,  can any human creature  actually become one with nature. The individual differences flow and change, but life is never destroyed until that last and thus the first seed no longer exists.

And then of course I saw that there was just one possibility of death… the destruction of the last seed and I saw how, or rather, by whose hands that last seed could be destroyed… By my hands… because my hands are contained in all hands and all hands are contained in mine… My hands were destroying life. Gradually, surely, my hands were strangling nature.

It was then I saw that the  only hope was to make my hands work to continue the life force, for in my hands were the same seeds of life that were in all hands. All I had to do was somehow let all see that in their own life, yes actually within them, was contained all life and within the vision of all life every single particular element of life was their life.  Not a new idea of course.

Killing one element is an act rather like killing every element.

But now my resolve was even greater to cry out in the wilderness even though perhaps few listen and tell all to cry out too, loud and clear, and perhaps one day everyone will see all life  as one, will percieve that  that one life contains the image of all particular individual differences.

hello passion flower, hello all life….. hello life, hello every single living thing that can possibly ever exist…

Hello living human creatures. Hello destructor of all life, see that you are slowly destroying yourself.