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Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on May 22, 2010 by secretchan

It is like a painter
Distributing various colors:
Delusion grasps different characteristics,
But the elements have no distinctions.
In the elements there is no form,
And in form, no elements;
Yet not apart from the elements
Is any form to be had.

In the mind there is no painting,
In painting there is no mind;
But yet not apart from the mind
Is any painting to be had.
The mind, forever, non-abiding,
Immeasurably, inconceivably,
Manifests all forms,
Unknown to one another.
Just as a painter
May not know his own mind,
Yet paints due to the mind;
So is the nature of all dharmas.

Mind is like the painter,
Able to paint various worlds:
The five aggregates thus originate;
There is no dharma it does not create.
As is the mind, so is the Buddha;
As the Buddha, so sentient beings:
Should know that Buddha and mind
In essence are both without bound.

If people know that actions of mind
Make all the worlds,
Then they will see the Buddha,
And understand the nature of  Buddha.
Mind does not abide in the body,
Nor body abides in mind:
Yet it is able to perform deeds of Buddha,
Freely, and unprecedented.
If people indeed wish to know

The Buddhas of the three time periods;
They should contemplate the nature of the dharma-realm,
All is but mind’s creation.