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The jaguar is the largest feline in the Americas and jaguar territory
ranges from the south western United States to Argentina, one of the
most extensive distributions of any feline species. The fragmentation
of habitat through human development is one of the biggest threats to
jaguars, isolating populations and preventing genetic exchange between

Large predators are forced to live within those islands and then
become endangered through loss of habitat and genetic diversity.

Now that is interesting, because when we look at these jaguars there
is great migration from one part o another in nature and it takes the
form of long corridors which form complex networks.

The species was placed in reserves, but still they could not survive
without that diversity.
Fortunately, on a positive note, with pressure from conservation
groups, seven nations of Central America and Mexico have formed a
network of selected protected areas and wildlife corridors have been
established to safeguard the jaguar population and coincidently all
other wildlife within.

That means an increase in the existing corridors which were
established in 1990 as the Paseo Pantera and again in 1997, with
multi-national support, as the Mesoamerica Biological Corridor.

The objective was to balance human needs, sustainable development, and
conservation of some of the earth’s greatest biodiversity.

This is a laudatory plan, yet insufficient for the thousands of other
species threatened Still it points out one interesting thing about the
human creature’s strange behaviour.

It is clear that he recognizes the need for animal bio-diversity and
complete freedom of movement in space, unrestricted by politics and
economic considerations and yet he is unable to see that the human
creature itself has allowed itself to be entrapped amidst identical
fragmentation of habitat, isolating populations and preventing genetic

He even makes laws and boundaries between nations that prevent free
access to resources and create false identities based upon artificial
boundaries. His wars are fought over these islands that he has

Are not human creatures by folly, commerce and conditioning of their
own minds that accept these laws really denied those same biological

It is strange too that these very laws and fear of the movement over
their borders has generated the idea of creating a great wall across
the Mexican border.

How strange, because that would effectively seal off the jaguars of
North America from all of South America.

How strange the human mind stained by Identity is.