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Have you ever looked a wolf directly in the eyes? Probably not, and though you may have seen them in their packs on television screens you have never even had the priviledge to meet one faceto face. What is there about those eyes? There is someting there that declares…”No matter what you do kid, you are not going to tame me.”

People with their littele toy dogs and their pretty fur cuts, that are an insult to nature, think they have the animal tamed, but they haven’t.  They think that this ancestor of wolves is ”man’s best friend” whatever may be done against it.  What a load of crock. Each dog in domestication for thousands of years may be conditioned, owned and abused but he is not really dominated.

No matter how that animal seems he still has somewhere that spirit which the human crerature has not yet smashed and distorted completely.

Thank nature for that.

Breeders breed races, but the inner wolf goes on. That magnificent creature has lost its organization and its capacity even to survive in its dog form, but it is still there somewhere ready to be awakened.

Wild dog packs, we call the ferile, return pretty quickly to a wild condition.

Their wonderful wolf heirarchy is still foundering in human folly, but if it were left alone for half a dozen generations the wolf ways would return and that wolf eyed look would return.

We see it clearly in Lu-na the Chinese Sharpei that we have… The eyes tell it all… Noble and indominble really.

The other four sharpeis that we have have less that fine wolf like body, but what  others call stubborn obstinacy, and we call spirit, natural shen. Tes it is still there.

What is that wolf pack organization really like? Perhaps we can learn something from knowing that.

Any wolf pack normally displays a natural (not cognitive) precise planning, and loyalty to one another. A strict, almost anarchistic system determines the job each animal must fulfill and the rank it holds with respect to other pack members and, because Identity is not involved, positions are held by an innate understanding of what is best for the pack.

So necessary is this ranking for survival behaviour that the position of the pups at their mother’s teats actually determine their future pack rank.

There is an alpha pair makes what we might consider “important survival decisions”,  but they have a beta wolf assisting them who has a complex task.

It tests aggressively lone wolves wishing to join the pack,  mark all fresh kills with scent, for that kill must have the dominance mark applied so that lower wolves must wait their turn.

Looking at this closely it is not a matter of “power wins”. It is that for the  the pack the stongest must survive for the benefit of all.

The different ranks receive food of varying richness and quantity, which makes each wolf develop a scent that instantly indicates its rank to other pack members and has an independnt reecognizable howl.

The Alpha Female strangly is the terrritorial leader, for she, when another wolf pack is near will battle for control of the territory. If she becomes frail then she passes the job to a younger female, who then becomes the leader.

The pack then is organized and well maintained.

Let’s now look at the human pack behaviour, but for false human dignities sake we will call tribal or social behaviour.

What is a tribe really..

Its etymology may be found in the Latin word for three, “tres”. The dative and ablative declensions of this word are both “tribus”. The word “tribus” could logically infer then  “from the three” or “for the three”.

That brings up visions of Aramis. Porthos and Athos… To which we must add our outside member hero D’artagnon.   “All for one and one for all.”

That was the base for a natural tribe and if we include in that protection of “one and all, and all for one”, the specfic protection of the young and the medio ambiente that supports us all, we have the human creatures natural heritage and function of the life force which is distict from all other animals.

Sadly, Identity stains have taken care of that and what the human creature has generated from the early hunter gatherer bands which were egalitaraian or later stratified tribal systems led by an alpha male that respected members and the environment which supported them, is deplorable  systems where there is social rank and prestige, (which may be termed civilizations), with complex social hierarchies and organized, institutional governments.

The true natural tribal way which was based uòn natural impulses which followed the life force survival paradigms have given way to a totally egocentric attitude by members who are expected to form egoistic state which is protcted by a state taught loyalty, acquisitiveness and aversion while holding up front bnners of civilized nobility, compassion and benevolence., functions, however they may be delineated by the state.

In anywolf pack there is conflict but few are maimed or injured. The human pack, on the other hand, makes war.

Those wars which in early human tribes were endemic, was often highly ritualized and played an important function in assisting the formation of a social structure among the tribes, permitting display of courage, and physivcal expression which resulted in relatively few wounds and even fewer deaths.

On the other hand “civilized” modern societies are well capable of  all-out wars of annihilation.

The human creature has basically lost the value of the tribal or pack structure and has changed the rules of natural survival such that egocentric survival is primary and tribe, children and the environment which supports  all falls away as worthless concepts. Lip service only, which is used for egocetic hollow state egoism.

Of course most civilized people will abhore war for varous reasons, but they set the conditions for it by their acts of acquisitiveness and aversion.

How strange it is tha the magnificent wolf has evolved to become a human plaything or a product yet.still out there in the wild in hostile conditions, still survives as a beautiful creature, while w, in evolving, have become like dogs, servile to the human collective Identity.

The dog still has the wolf spirit, but where is the human spirit within us?

We as human creatures have left behind the character of the North American Indian that held a oneness with”Nature”, the Great Spirit, and have become tribes of one, a contradiction in terms, for the family of three now is unable to keep the links of oneness that a family of three wolves have.

Even the human creatures greatest moments of glory have emerged when they behaved like feral dogs with a dominant leadership and an open system, but even the wolf loyaly was then absent and wealth and prestige took the place of honor, natural dignity and togetherness.

So we continue to try and bring the wolf descendents down to our level and kill off whatever remnants of their true nature remain in the wild wolf.  What a wonderful creature we human’s are, lost is a cloud of destructive confusion, codicia and aversion.