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Posted in Buddha Dharma and Chan on May 1, 2010 by secretchan

Many scientists, at least that is what they are called, are seeking
artificial intelligence. Actually that seems quite a waste of energy,
for we already have it.

It sits there in almost every human brain, for there can be nothing more artificial than the intelligence which the human brain is generating. Yet computer scientists, without any real regard for other disciplines, are using this artificial intelligence which they possess in order to discover a way to duplicate it with computers.

That seems to me like a donkey chasing its own tail, believing it to be a carrot.

The sad thing is that the natural intelligence of the human creature is available. It is a combination of a liberated ninth consciousness, which is the uncontaminated program set of the right hemisphere, which consists of natural survival function, sensory essence and the information of non discriminated form that is the base for balancing the sensation, discrimination, perception, cognition and consciousness of the stained left hemisphere.

If we are seeking the truth about a true intelligence which can be
imitated, then it seems folly to be using Identity-based artificial
intelligence to do so.

We are in the position then of declaring to those who seek, “first
cure yourself and find your own true intelligence”.

Really, they should first look outside their own illusory selfhood and review the status of all those living creatures that surround them that they call lower animals. Lower indeed!

Let us redefine what they are really after. Scientists are trying to
imitate the human brain and its way of operating. They are trying to imitate stained Identity consciousness that is not autonomous but controlled by the human creature. They want robots with their stained human-like mind to serve a society which is managing to destroy every human creature and the planet which supports us all.

Do you doubt that? What use will this duplication of artificial
stained intelligence be? No doubt the sales pitch will be that it will
help mankind.

What compassion, what great benevolent love there is in this act.
Well, behind that mask which will project artificial surgeons and the like, we will see that someone is counting coins. Commerce and industry are behind the scenes, not pulling the strings, but pressing the buttons. We will no doubt have artificial soldiers out there killing each other … artificial intelligences cutting down our forests … artificial hunters within the law and clearly artificial furtive hunters as well… Artificial scientists who will experiment with animals.

But not all areas will be covered.

No doubt there will be human bullfighters and not artificial ones, for there is no elation to be gained if one is not behind the sword to kill defenseless naturally intelligent animals, nor would the crowds come to see an artificial intelligence risking its life.

And of course there will be no artificial politicians or lawyers. I
need not give the reasons, for even you sitting there with your
artificial intelligence can see why.

So the important question is why (although we know the answer) the powers that be seek this artificial intelligence when first we should be liberating the true human intelligence that is being masked by our greed, confusion, aversion and thrust to dominate the future.

Man is on the path of self suicide.

Look in the mirror and see yourself as Brutus and declare solemnly “Et tu Brute”?  That is the ultimate betrayal. Perhaps then you will understand.