We all know the rest of the phrase, “Who is the fairest of them all?”
We are told that Snow White was. That brought Snow White up to that
place where we knew she was the best, for it would never do that the
queen was more beautiful.  She could be beautiful inside, but that
wouldn’t count, would it?

Of course the seven dwarves had to be beautiful-ugly and the wicked
witch ugly-ugly. That is the world we build and the world we judge.
Cockroaches are ugly… kittens are beautiful… how strange.  Yet we say
it as if we really believed it, that beauty is only skin deep. What
are we judging then… lungs, kidneys… gonads? No it is something

Aesthetically pleasing? That is skin deep, so we must be referring to
“delighting the senses” or “exciting intellectual or emotional
admiration”.  That can’t be it.

We really mean that there is something that words cannot express, that
generates an awe that is uncommon.

If you have had the good fortune to be associated with animals, then
you will sense at least that beauty that goes beyond words. It is
synonymous with the natural expression of the life force. If you have
not experienced that, then you have sown the seeds of your own life on
barren ground.

But there’s still time.

Remember that that life force is the same as the one you possess.
Strange, is it not, that you have been alive for so long, knowing that
you are alive, but have never seen that life force.

Look in a mirror, any mirror, and see yourself in a way that is not
Identity stained.  Do you see your life force beyond what you sense
with your eyes?  PROBABLY NOT. Okay, do you get the message?

Throw out the mirror and look at nature. See the life force growing
and falling away. You are seeing your own reflection and, if you
cannot sense with awe what is within yourself, go back to the mirror
and your suffering.


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