For the earthworm, the snake, the fox, the wolf, lion, tiger, and polar bear up to the great elephant for them in their consciousness what is the meaning of life?

We can ask the same question of those lilies in the fields and the giant oaks.

The reply would be the same…. No reply. That is because for them there  is no meaning to life. Yet each goes about the task as every natural creature and plant does,  living within their world of no meaning, conflict, impermanence and chaos without knowing of individual existence except as nature presents it.

We, intelligent human creratures to the contrary believe there is meaning, yet we cannot ever find it.  Isn’t that strnge. We never stop to think that perhaps the creatures of the world in all their majesty and the flowers and great trees in their nobility may be right in remaining silent… We never consider that life has no meaning.

When we do understand that there is no meaning  it is a great liberation, for we can stop looking for that meaning and live lives naturally and completely.

We don’t have to ask about permanence, for we understand that all is impermanent. We don’t have to search for an everlasting peace, for there is only a balanced and wonderful world of conflict. We don’t have to look for our existance, we don’t have to be anything. We are alive that is sufficient.

In looking for the meaning of life we fail to live. We fail to see that the function of life is simply to perpetuate that life without Identity as a human creature.

That means playing our natural part as APPARENT individuals as an illusory part of an undivided whole, perpetuating life in a natural and not artificial way for members of our species, for all offspring and for every living creature and the environment that supports us all.

Life takes then a different feel. No longer do we cling and crave to this illusion of individual exixtence as if it were important. No longer do we cling to what we believe we possess…We are indeed the world without meaning.. We permit our lives to develop and unfurl using our cognition as a tool for the benefit of the whole.

It is certainly not easy, but  fruitful.  Ther is no happiness, no suffering, just a constant well being.


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