This morning, in the midst of a large sage bush, I saw a white flower
forcing its way through the foliage and there below another, not yet
in bloom, making its way up to the light.

Once again I was struck by nature’s remarkable programs of survival.
There was sage bush and iris, for that was the flower, in competition,
but it was a neutral form of competition in which neither was aware of
the other or the potential outcome.

It brought to mind all of nature and what we see as “conflict” in our
human stained way, which really is quite beautiful and whole.

I wondered about the consciousness related to survival and recollected
that we humans have decided, using our penchant for dividing things,
that there are nine divisions of human consciousness. They consist of
the five normal sense consciousnesses, the sixth is the mind that sees
itself to be thinking (the inner advice of what the object is), the
seventh is the Identity afflicted inner thinking consciousness, and
the eighth a higher state of potential normal consciousness which we
can here consider to be the Consciousness of the Masculine

The ninth is really what we in Dao and Chan call the Feminine
Principle, which is a non-conceptual transcendental wisdom.

It is this Feminine Principle which is an unbroken continuum of events
with resultant peaceful and effortless activities when expressed. It
is the non-Identity “self” that is in equipoise and the non Identity
self that is other and animal/environment directed in Unity.

So we have what the other members of the living world do not… that
ninth consciousness… how marvelous… but it is well shrouded by the
seventh consciousness, which no other element of the animal world has.

What a shame that such a great gift is destroyed by the virus Identity
thrusts upon us.

The good news is that this stained mind can be set aside and, with
correct contemplation, be eliminated.

Who has the courage to do so?

Very few.


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