This morning I will add an addendum to yesterdays blog, before I move on to another important topic.

I spoke about  GI Joe with Ken and Barbie that conditioned in great part the lives of many people not too many years gone by.   I suppose GI Joe has retired without becoming a General and instead of the imagination and a natural impulse to follow the war game pattern a new age has brought us the Game Boys and the active participation in violence.

Children have even lost the imagination that was present when nothing was done for them.  Now you press buttons and prepare for war…. Maybe refined manufacturers don’t use phrases like “kill”, but “destroy ” is alright.

So we in the new generation have moved one step further away from allowing the natural human creature to step forward from our unconscious.

Adults abhoring violence and feeling “holy” in peace marches still buy those toys, and of course the scenario is set for further negative advances.

Where are the game boy “tests of skill” that save animals from furtive hunter’s traps without killing the killers?  Where are the games that insist that you understand nature at a non cognitive level before you move to another phase? .. perhaps that’s too much like learning and not action at all.

Only when the teaching of nature manages to open the door to a deeper undrstanding and goes beyond “Social Studies” and “General Science” will our  children approach the “level” of being human creatures , not a social robots.


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